Showgard Mounts for Stamps and Postal History

Showgard stamp mounts are made of oriented polystyrene, containing no softening agent and are acid free to provide maximum protection for you collection. The archival material in Showgard Mounts will not shrink or discolor and is 100% waterproof. Showgard mount foil has had philatelic application for more than 50 years in every climate in the world. Showgard Mounts feature a functional design with twin parallel welds that keep stamps securely in position while permitting free passage of air around the stamp. Showgard mounts have earned national recognition as the most favored stamp protection available.

Showgard Stamp Mounts Master List

Showgard Mounts are available in Pre-Cut sizes for convenient mounting of the popular sized stamps. Greater economy and flexibility can be obtained by using strips, which come in three different lengths: 215mm, 240mm, and 264mm. A Philatelic Guillotine will provide a clean and straight cut of strips to exact the fit for your stamps. For your convenience we list mounts in categories by strip size, and here we show the entire list.

Showgard Assortment Bargain Packs

Showgard Mount Sets offer useful groups of mounts in a convenient, organized fashion. Many collectors purchase an assortment package to begin mounting their collections, and restock the individual mounts as the assortment package supplies are exhausted. These packages also make an excellent gift for collectors just starting out.

Showgard Pre-Cut Mounts Sized for U.S. Stamps

Single precut mounts are the easiest to use because there is no cutting. Available for the most popular sizes of U.S. Stamps, precut mounts offer a uniform size and precision square cut for best display of your stamps. Sizes are labeled as stamp width by stamp height, measured in millimeters. Select between black and clear background.

Showgard Mount 215mm Strips For Singles & Blocks

Showgard 215mm strips can be cut using a mount guillotine to accommodate a significant percentage of the stamps in your collection. Strip Sizes (in mm.) No.22 Thru No.52 meet the requirements for most regular issue and commemorative singles, booklet panes, plate blocks and coil strips. The 'US 1 Set' bargain variety package with 5 strips of 10 sizes offers the best value for beginning your collection.

Showgard Mount 240mm Strips For Blocks & Panes

Showgard 240mm strips can be cut with a mount guillotine to accommodate larger blocks and panes in your collection. Strip Sizes (in mm.) range from 63mm Thru 120mm. Included in the group are popular usages, including SG66 for ATM Booklet Panes, SG68 for Canadian Plate Blocks, SG74 for United Nations Inscription Blocks of 4, SG80 for U.S. Commemorative Blocks, and SG82, SG84, SG89, SG100, and SG120 for miniature panes

Showgard Mount 264mm For Strips, Blocks & Panes

Showgard 264mm strips accommodate additional blocks and panes. Strip Sizes (in mm.) range from SG70 popular for U.S. Jumbo Plate Blocks Thru SG198 for U.S. Legends of Hollywood. Included in the range are SG70, SG91, SG105 for covers, SG107 and SG111 for Plate Number Blocks of 20, SG127 for U.S. Definitive Sheets of 20, SG137, SG158, SG175 for the U.S. Pan Am Reissues, SG188 and SG198.

Showgard 264mm Accommodation Range Stamp Mounts

As the range of mounts needed for the modern collection increases with new issues coming into your collection, Showgard responds with an 'accommodation range' to fill your need for archival protection of your collection, while providing for the showcasing of your collection to be proud. Special for Souvenir Sheets and modern panes, including Looney Tunes booklets, U.S. Tropical Flowers Booklet, Calder Art, World of Dinosaurs,

Showgard Mounts for Blocks and Souvenir Sheet Mounts

Mounting Souvenir Sheets can be problematic due to their often unique size and the need to purchase a package of mounts when only one will ever be used. Showgard Mounts has a solution with mounts designed specific to popular size packets, or packets specific to a specifric set of souvenir sheets, such as issues of the Washington DC 2006 Stamp Show.

Showgard Longer Mounts for Coils, Booklets and Blocks

Showgard produces a range of stamp mount for collectors of Booklets and Booklet Panes, Plate Number Blocks (PNB), and Plate Number Coils (PNC) In addition to the traditional standard sizes for these issues, mount sizes are available to meet the need for some non-traditional strip sizes for booklets, blocks and coils, such as the U.S. Postal People Full Strip, U.S. Double Press Regular Issue Strip of 20, Plate Number Coil strips of 11.

Showgard Mounts for Modern U.S. Sheets and Panes

The USPS has directed its stamp designs more toward the subject matter and stylistic presentation, rather than the standardized size formats as in the past. This has made for a slate of wonderful modern stamps for our collections, but also some challenges in finding the correct mount for Bugs Bunny and his Looney Tunes friends,the World War II Sheets with maps circled by stamps, Greetings From America full pane, and many more.

Showgard Mounts for Souvenir Sheets and Full Panes

Showgard Mounts has a solution to the presentation and preservation of those popular Souvenir Sheets and sets of panes, such as the Americana Series or the World War II Series, or the 1998 Trans-Mississippi re-isues series in souvenir sheets format.Here you will find several mount sets specific to the Space Exploration Souvenir Sheet Issues, Pacific 97 and Washington 2006 issues, the Voyages of Columbus Souvenir Sheets and more.

Showgard Mount Size Guide for U.S. Stamps

Use the Showgard Mount Size Guide to determine the correct Showgard Stamp Mount to use for mounting U.S. Stamps in the formats you collect (single, pair, blocks, strips, etc).To look up the appropriate size for a particular stamps, size guides are provided for all U.S. stamps beginning in 1940. Use the appropriate link to the year of issue for the stamp you are need to protect. Each page also has a search engine for use once you determine the mount you need.

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