Stamp Collecting Tools and Accessories

The Tools of Philately assist in capturing the value of a stamp and are essential to the correct identification of a stamp. The valuation differential of a perf. 11 stamp compared to a perf. 11x10-1/2 justifies a modest budget for inexpensive but essential tools. The same rational can be made for determining the watermark of an early classic. And, of course, the correct identification of a stamp by reference to a stamp catalog add further to the joy of a philatelic inquiry into a stamp new to your collection.

Postage Stamp Catalogs and Price Guides

Stamp Valuing Catalogs are essential for identifing and finding the value of your stamp collection. Today's catalogs present stamps pictured in color for easy identification and show values in mint and used condition. Beyond finding the value of a stamp, completeness of a collection depends on knowing the varieties of seemingly identical stamps.

Measuring Stamp Perforations and Die-cuts

Stamp Perforation Gauges: one of the simplest and most important factors in identifying and valuing a stamp is determining its Perf. offers a range of tools from the simple and reliable aluminum perforation gauge, to the Linn's Multi-Gauge which allows for more precise measurement of modern die cuts, to the ultimate electronic solution, the SAFE PERFotronic.

Magnifiers - Optical Tools - For Collectors offers a full line of magnifiers for collectors.Stamp collectors require precision instruments for sighting value and detecting flaws, faults and distinguishing characteristics (secret marks and micro-imprinting, for example. Depending on your preference, magnifiers are equipped with a magnification of 2x to 40x and greater. Magnifiers are available in pocket size to take to shows and club events, or stand magnifiers for use on your desk.

Stamp Soaking and Drying Tools

To separate stamps from envelope paper, collectors soak them in water, which weakens the stamp glue and allows the stamp and paper to drift apart. In some situations, particularly with the new self-adhesive stamps, use of a Lindner stamp removal fluid is helpful. Once the stamp is removed, finish the process with a stamp drying book, or use a stamp press to assure an undamaged stamp ready for your collection.

Philatelic Stamp Tongs

Stamp tongs are an essential tool for every stamp collector. In many different ways, tongs help collectors handle stamps safely and reduce the chances of damage. Stamp tongs resemble tweezers that are sold for beauty care or first-aid service. They are generally made of two flat metal legs welded together at one end to create a spring action that allows the free ends to pinch together.

Ultra Violet (UV) Lamps

Ultra Violet Lamps for Collectors: Stamp Tagging is one of the most intriguing parts of modern philately. With a simple UV detecting device you can uncover rare varieties of otherwise common stamps, significantly increasing the value of your collection.

Watermark Detection Tools and Fluids offers a wide range of tools for determining the existence of a watermark in the stamp paper. For collectors who choose to use watermark fluid, the Clarity Product is a significant advance in technology. No more evenings breathing the noxious fumes ofCarbon Tetrachloride and bemzime fluids Another alternative is the SAFE Signoscope Optic-Electric Watermark Detector for collectors who invest in more expensive stamps.

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