Postage Stamp Catalogs

Stamp Catalogs are a vital tool for valuing and identifying stamps. At we offer stamp catalogs for both worldwide and U.S. stamps. Scott catalogs, the H.E. Harris BNA stamp catalog and the Brookman stamp price guide catalog provide current market values of stamps and are essential for correct identification of stamps when buying, selling, or trading. The Scott Stamp Catalog lists stamps from every country with useful information, including the issue date, the process used to print the stamp, the perforation, and a unique Scott catalogue number.
Scott Classic Catalog 2020
Code: C20C
Price: $129.95
2020 Scott Classic Stamp Catalog he Scott Classic Specialized Catalogue of Stamps and Covers 1840-19... more info
Scott U.S. Specialized Stamp Catalog 2020
Code: C20S
Price: $97.99
2020 Scott U.S. Specialized Stamp Catalog The 2020 U.S. Specialized catalog is the most desirable ca... more info
Brookman Stamp  Price Guide 2020
Code: BROOKMAN2020
Price: $34.95
2020 Brookman Catalog of U.S. and Canada Stamps and Postal Stationery Publishers Cover Price = $41... more info
H.E. Harris 2020 US/BNA Stamp Catalog
Code: HEUSBNA2020
Price: $27.99
The H.E Harris US/BNA Stamp Catalog and Price Guide has been published annually since 1935. H.E. Harris... more info
Scott U.S. Stamp Pocket Catalog 2020
Code: P112020
Price: $29.99
2020 Scott U.S. Stamp Pocket Catalog Compact Size, the Scott Pocket Stamp Catalogue is the perfect c... more info
Scott 2020 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue Volume 1
Code: C201
Price: $89.99
2019 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue Volume 1; Parts 1A and 1B. (Including the United States, th... more info
Scott Catalog of Errors on U.S. Stamps; 16th Edition
Code: ERSTPE16
Price: $39.99
SCOTT CATALOGUE OF ERRORS ON US POSTAGE STAMPS The 16th edition of the Scott Catalogue of Errors on U.... more info

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