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We call it our World Search Sector, where collectors can explore our listing of stamps and covers, modern and classic, from all corners of the globe.


Australia Stamps begin before the first Australia Stamps of 191; the Roos. The Australian States that eventually came together to form modern day Australia issues their own stamps and offer a philatelic challenge of their own. Going beyond the modern issues of Australia you can collect the issues of the Australian Antarctic Territory. These issues are favored by topical collectors of birds, sea life, and polar exploration.

Postage Stamps of Asian Countries

The World Search: Asia Gallery of Stamps features stamps of China (PRC, ROC and Pre-WWII issues. Japan is also a favored collecting area, as are a number of British and French Colonial Era issues. Browse our ever changing inventory of Asia stamp issues for your area or topic of interest.
Liberia Issue Honoring Pres. Al Gore
Code: PresGoreSet
Price: $10.00
Liberia Issue Honoring President Al Gore, 43rd President of the United States Covering their bases, th... more info

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