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Benjamin Franklin Gallery of United States Stamps

iHobb begins with the classics in our Legacy Collection of constantly changing stock of U.S. Classics, from the Postmaster Provisions to the issues of 1847 and forward to the Banknote and Washington Franklins. Not stopping there, we continue on to the the most current of just released issues of the USPS. You will find individual issues, or full sets and comprehensive sets by year, commemorative, regular issues, or combined year sets.

Scott Publishing Company Albums and Catalogs

Scott Stamp Albums from are sold at Advantage Low Prices. The Scott National Album, Minuteman Album, Specialty Country Albums and International Album are preferred for their quality and all have Scott Catalog Numbers for easy stamp placement. The Scott Catalog has become the authority on United States stamps for valuation and identification, and the 6-volume worldwide set is the favored catalog for world collectors.

LEUCHTTURM - Serving Collectors Since 1917

From its founding in 1917 Lighthouse Stamp and Coin has developed into one of the leading companies in the world for collective systems of philatelic and numismatic accessories. Lighthouse is not only known because of high-quality products but also for its extensive philatelic competence in the elaboration of albums and support to collectors.

Showgard Stamp Mounts from

Showgard Stamp Mounts are the prefered choice of many discriminating collectors to keep their valued collections safe from damage due to dust, dirt, humidity and the wear and tear of time. Showgard mounts feature the foil proven safe for philatelic use for over 50 years in every climate of the world. Use Showgard mounts with confidence. They are the choice of experienced collectors and a symbol of trustworthiness throughout the world.

Prinz Stamp Mounts & Collecting Supplies

Prinz Collecting Products feature Germain quality and discount pricing. Most popular with collectors is the wide range of Prinz Stamp Mounts required by modern collectors responding to the ever increasing variety of stamp sizes being produced. Prinz Cardstock Stock Pages remain popular in singe-sided and double-sided pages. Also featured are collecting tools, all at discount prices.

DAVO Stamp Albums and Supplements

The superior quality DAVO Albums feature 115 lb. heavy-duty paper stock, with crystal clear mounts (in hingless albums). For those collectors seeking the freedom to design their own albums around their particular collection, pages are available in either Bordered Blank pages, or with Quadrille Lines. Binders are dark-blue linen biners with matching slipcases. Capacity is 60-100 pages depending on the use of mounts or hinges for your stamps.

Lindner Collecting Albums and Supplies

Lindner Collecting Supplies at discount prices from bring quality products to stamp collectors, as well as collectors of Postal History, Postcards, Banknotes, and Coins. Lindner stockbooks, available with either black or white pages, in 16-page, 24-page, 48-page, and 60-page format. The U.S. Hingeless Album from Lindner has long been the ultimate album with the T-System that places stamps in a protective page allowing for viewing of both sides of the stamp. (This is important, as gum condition is as important as is the front)

SAFE Collecting Supplies - Schwabische Albumfabrik of Germany

Featuring European Quality, for over 60 years, collectors have found that SAFE stands for the highest level of quality and service when it comes to organizing, archiving, presentation and collecting supplies. Helping you find the appropriate collecting and storage system for everything collectible: Coins, Stamps, Paper Money, Pins, Postcards and more.

Minkus Stamp Album Pages and Binders

Long a favorite of world collectors, Minkus Stamp Albums were once the standard for stamp collecting. Since the acquisition of the Minkus Company by Amos Press, The publisher of Scott Catalogs and Albums, Scott Stamp Album Pages have been adapted to the Minkus Album format which now includes Scott Catalog Numbers. We continue to offer Minkus Binders and Slipcases and some inventory of the Minkus Supplements.

Hawid Top-Loading Stamp Mounts

Hawid mounts are the original, and still favored by many philatelists and stamp collectors, for over 70 years. Hawid mounts are top loading, sealed at bottom only. The spring-action technology holds stamps fast while allowing easy placement of the stamp into the collection. There are the mounts favored by the better grade 'hingeless' or pre-hinged albums. Choose from our inventory of clear back or dark background mounts.

Supersafe Brand Supplies for Collectors

Supersafe Coin, Banknote and Stamp Collecting Supplies feature the premier source for archival quality stock pages. Supersfe Brand album binders and pages for First Day Cover collectors, Supersafe mint sheet pages and albums, and a full range of archival pages for collectors of coins and banknotes.

Schaubek Albums and Supplements

U.S. 'National' Hingeless Album In collaboration with Scott Publishing Company, Schaubek has produced the ultimate U.S. Hingeless album complete with Scott Catalog Numbers. offers a complete Schaubek United States Hingeless album. The set covers stamps issued from 1847-2010, 6 Schaubek Ring Binders with Slipcases & Labels. Save more than $150 off the individual prices!

White Ace Stamp Album Supplements

White Ace stamp albums are printed on acid-free durable 60 lb. index paper. Their colorful borders, thoughtful page layout, informative text and high quality printing make White Ace pages a singularly attractive choice for your collection. And White Ace prints regular supplements so your album will always be up to date.

H.E. Harris Stamp & Coin Albums

H.E. Harris Stamp and Coin Albums and Supplements for collectors. Our complete inventory is sold at discount. Internet Hobby Supply. The H.E. Harris stamp albums today include the Liberty Album for United States Stamps, the Liberty Plate Block Album for U.S. Stamps, and the Statesman Worldwide Album. For coin collecting, the Harris coin folders offer the tradition of the Whitman Folders with a new, colorful graphics look.

Glassine Envelopes JBM

The quality of the glassine is the key to a quality glassine envelope. We believe that the envelope should get just as much attention as what goes inside of it. Use our glassines for stamp collecting, butterly transfer envelopes, Glassine Evidence Envelopes, and a wide range of hobbies, arts and crafts.

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