Scott Publishing Company Albums and Catalogs is the larges independent online distributor of Scott albums and catalogs in the country. For over 140 years, Scott Publishing Co. has been the publisher of United States stamp albums, as well as the comprehensive Scott International Album and a long list of country specialty stamp albums. Scott Publishig is known around the world as the publisher of the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue. It is the only catalogue produced on an annual basis that values and identifies all the stamps of the world.

Scott Postage Stamp Catalogs

Scott Stamp Catalogs are preferred by collectors as their principle source for identifying and valuing stamps, both worldwide and U.S. issues. Scott catalog numbers are used to identify stamps when buying, selling, or trading. The Scott Stamp Catalog lists stamps from every country with useful information, including the issue date, the process used to print the stamp, the perforation, and a unique Scott catalogue number.

Scott Album Supplements for 2018

Keep up to date with annual album supplements for your Scott National, Specialty and International Collections. Also the Minuteman, American, Platinum, and Schaubek Supplements are listed as released.

Scott Album Supplements for 2017

Keep up to date with annual album supplements for your Scott National, Specialty and International Collections. Also the Minuteman, American, Platinum, and Schaubek Supplements are listed as released.

Scott United States National Stamp Albums

The National Album for U.S. Stamps is just the beginning. The National Series included area dozen different albums going deep into the hobby of U.S. stamp collecting. Choose a special album just for the U.S. Possessions, or the comprehensive album for postal stationery or postal cards. There is an album dedicated to Commemorative Plate Block, and another for Regular Issue Plate Blocks and this is just the beginning.

Scott Minuteman Stamp Album & Supplements

Our Minuteman U.S. Stamp Album package comes complete with single-sided, illustrated pages for building a collection thru the latest supplement. Included are the regular issues and commemoratives beginning with the very first U.S. Stamps in 1847. plus an extensive 'Back-of-the-book' section. Your album comes housed in two attractive 3-ring binders with room to grow your stamp collection with annual supplements and blank Minuteman Album pages.

Scott International Stamp Albums and Supplements

The ultimate International Stamp Album for Worldwide Collectors! Start with the 'Golden Age of Philately', beginning with the first stamp of Great Britain in 1840 and concluding with the outbreak of World War II. With the Scott International Album, the whole world is divided chronologically into 53 parts with over 21,000 pages and spaces for 220,000 stamps

Scott Specialized Coutry Albums - Currently In Stock

Big savings on complete albums for many countries of the popular collecting countries of the world. Offered at additional discount when purchased as complete albums. Complete albums contain pages for every stamp issued that has a number assigned by the Scott Catalogs, plus binder and slipcase sets as necessary for the number of pages in the album.

Scott American Stamp Album Supplements

The Scott American Stamp Album has been discontinued by Amos Press, but updated supplements are available each year for those fortunate collectors using this wonderful album. The pages contains spaces for US regular postage and commemorative, official, hunting permit, postal stationery and for stamps from United Nations Headquarters in New York, and the UN Offices in Geneva and Vienna

Scott Platinum U.S. Stamp Album Supplements

The Scott Platinum U.S. Album was discontinued in 1992 in favor of the Schaubek Hingeless Album, styled after the National Postage Stamp Album. However, for those collectors who have a Platinum Album, continues to stock the new supplements each year so that you may keep your collection up to date. We also stock the blank pages from Scott for your expanding collection.

Scott Album Binders and Slipcases

Scott provides a range of options for housing your album, with the components each sold separately, or for additional savings purchase an package complete. For National Albums and country specialty albums, choose from the traditional two-post binder with square posts, or the three-ring binder, International Albums will use the Blue Regular and Jumbo 2-post binders. Add a dustcover, flysheets and labels and you have a complete unit.

Scott Binder Accessories

Scott continues to offer a line of products to help collectors maintain and expand on their collections. Use these genuine Scott Products to better protect and organize your collection. Scott Filler Strips are used every 15 to 20 pages in your 2 post albums to balance your overstuffed binders. Glassine Interleaving sheets are available to add an extra touch of protection between the pages of your albums

Scott Bordered Blank Pages

Scott Albums offers a complete listing of bordered blank pages to fit your stamp albums. Pages are of the same paper stock as the printed pages found in Scott albums, with matching border graphics. Use extra pages to hold new issues pending release of the new supplement. Add a personal touch to your collection with items that go beyond the printed album. Pages are available for all Scott Albums.

Scott FDC & Postal History Albums

Scott offers an economical, archival solution to the storge and display of your covers. Pages are available in black background, with 2 pockets on each side of the page, or clear with 2 pockets on only one side to allow viewing both sides of the cover. The Scott 3-Ring Binder has a large 60-page capacity

Scott U.N. Album for New York, Geneva, and Vienna

Our Scott United Nations Album is comprehensive, including all U.N. Issues listed in the Scott Catalog, for New York, Geneva, Vienna, plus Kosovo and other special administrative areas of U.N. responsibility over the history of the Peace Keeping Organization from 1951. Pages are published in the National Album format, with the quality beige pages on 80 LB. stock and measuring 9-7/8 x 11-3/8 inches.

ScottMounts Hingeless Mounts by Prinz

ScottMounts are available in a wide variety of sizes to meet your exacting needs. Made from 100% inert polystyrol foil, ScottMounts protect your stamps from the harmful effects of dust and moisture, maintaining the value of your collection. Available in both black background and clear to accommodate your preference, we offer a complete listing of mounts from pre-cut for single stamps to a full sheet size.

Scott Album Labels

Identify your album with a Scott Label. The Scott Album Labels are made of the identical material as used for the cover of your binder. Embossed letters are in gold to add a prestigious look to your collection. Choose from the full list of available labels. (Special printings are not available.)

Stamp Collecting Books from Linn's Publishing

Let your knowledge about the stamps you collect increase your enjoyment of stamp collecting. There are some great stories about the characters and politicians who have influenced our hobby. Linn's Publications bring many of these to light with interesting reads that go beyond the technical specifications of the stamps.

Scott Advantage Stockpages for National & Specialty Albums

Advantage Pages are perfect for storing new issues, minor varieties and collateral material. These archival stockpages provide the protection and durability of crystal acetate pockets and fit directly into your Scott Binders. Advantage Pages match Scott National or Specialty pages (choice of borders) in every respect from paper and size to border.

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