Glassine Envelopes JBM

JBM is our supplier for glassine envelopes. With 35 years of experience in production of glassine envelopes, JBM has built an industry reputation for quality envelopes. The distinction is clearly visible when compared to the Chinese envelopes available on the market.

We agree with JBM that the envelope should get just as much attention as what goes inside of it.

Glassine Envelopes for Collectors

Store your duplicate stamps in glassine semi-transparent envelopes, used by the U.S. Post Office for stamps purchased at the P.O. counters. Many collectors use our sturdy red boxes to store their glassines. We offer seven sizes of Black Boxes that are ideal for storage of stamps in glassines.

Glassine Evidence Envelopes

Glassine Evidence Envelopes are used for preserving small pieces of evidence such as hairs, fibers, paint chips, and fragments found at a crime scene. Our quality glassine envelopes eliminate static electricity and are breathable, transparent, and have a flap to seal evidence.

Butterfly Transfer Envelopes

Butterfly collecting (Lepidoptera) and insect collecting is a favored way of contact with the beauty of nature. Glassine envelopes for butterfly collecting are the new science as evidenced by the Naturalis Biodiversity Center, which has announced that it will permanently store its Lepidoptera collection in glassine envelopes.

Glassine Interleaving, for Popular Stamp Albums

Glassine interleaving is popular with collectors when placing stamps on both sides of album pages. The interleaving provides a barrier between the stamps from oposites sides of the pages.

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