Glassine Interleaving, for Popular Stamp Albums

Glassine album interleaving is of a specially processed Glassine, a smooth, translucent paper made from a manufacturing process called supercalendering. The paper pulp is beaten to break down the fibers. After pressing and drying, the paper web is passed through a stack of hard pressure rollers. This pressing of the paper fibers in the machine buffs the paper, producing a very smooth, enamel-like and acid-free surface. And the clarity of the glassine allows good visibility of the contents. that resist oil, air, and water, giving stamps an extra layer of protection. Archival-quality sheets have a convenient, see-through finish that lets you see through each protective sheet. iHobb offers interleaving sheets for Scott, Minkus, and H.E. Harris albums.
Glassine Album Interleaving, for Popular Stamp Albums, Providing an Archival Protection for Stamps
Glassine Interleaving for Harris Albums
Code: UH152
Price: $15.99
Glassine Interleaves sized to fit H.E. Harris 2-post binders, for both the Statesman Worldwide Album... more info
Scott Specialty Album Glassine Interleaving
Code: ACC107
Price: $12.99
Glassine Interleaving (Fits both the National/Specialty 2-Post and 3-Ring Binders) Add this extra to... more info
Scott International Album Glassine Interleaving
Code: ACC108
Price: $12.99
Glassine Interleaving Sheets are drilled with round holes to fit the International Binder Size: 9.... more info
Minkus Glassine Interleaving for 2-Post and 3-Ring Binders
Code: M2GINT
Price: $11.99
Minkus Glassine Interleaving Pack of 100 sheets of 2-Post Glassine Interleaving for Minkus Worldwide a... more info

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