Stamp Mounts & Hinges

Showgard Mounts for Stamps and Postal History

Discriminating collectors require that their investment is kept safe from damage due to dust, dirt, humidity and the wear and tear of time. Showgard mounts feature the foil proven safe for philatelic use for over 50 years in every climate of the world. Use Showgard mounts with confidence. They are the choice of experienced collectors and a symbol of trustworthiness throughout the world.

Prinz Stamp Mounts

Prinz Stamp Mounts, including ScottMounts by Prinz, are available in a wide variety of sizes to meet your exacting needs. Made from 100% inert polystyrol foil, ScottMounts protect your stamps from the harmful effects of dust and moisture, maintaining the value of your collection. Available in both black background and clear to accommodate your preference, we offer a complete listing of mounts from pre-cut for single stamps to a full sheet size.

Hawid 'Top Loading' Stamp Mounts

Hawid mounts are the original and still favored by many philatelists and stamp collectors for over 70 years. Hawid mounts are top loading, sealed at bottom only. The spring-action technology holds stamps fast while allowing easy placement of the stamp into the collection. There are the mounts favored by the better grade 'hingeless' or pre-hinged albums. Choose from our inventory of clear back or dark background mounts.

Precision Cutter/Guillotines and Accessories for Stamp Mounts

We offer several solutions to the cutting of mounts to fit your stamps. A clean, straight cut shows your stamps well for years to come. Collectors spend plenty on the stamp and the mount. Give it the precision cut mounting that your collection deserves, with either the traditional guillotine, or the new technology roller blade cutters

Pre-Folded Stamp Hinges

Stamp hinges today are all claiming to be peelable. We offer the Prinz Hinges and also the SuperSafe Hinges, bur recommend caution as the modern hinge uses a different gum than was available from horses in a prior era. Modern mounts are safe and will not damage stamps, but some moisture may be required for removal without causing thins or leaving remnants. Best used on used stamps, and use mounts for mint stamps.

Hawid Stamp Mounts - The original top-loading mount

Hawid, the mount manufacturer, offers a special adhesive designed for use in re-affixing detached mounts from pre-mounted (hingless) album pages. The adhesive is also useful in extending the useful life of mounts moved from an old album. The Hawid 'solvent pen' is useful when resizing mounts for special mounting projects. Use this simple and safe method for sealing top-cut mounts at the open edge.

Showgard Stamp Mounting Tutorial

Useful pointers on use of Showgard Mounts. View our tutorial on the proper use of protective mounts has changed the nature of stamp collecting in allowing for the true preservation of displayed stamps in an archival environment free of agents that might be harmful to postage stamps, while permitting free passage of air around the stamp.

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