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Useful pointers on use of Showgard Mounts

The use of protective mounts has changed the nature of stamp collecting in allowing for the true preservation of displayed stamps in an archival environment free of agents that might be harmful to postage stamps, while permitting free passage of air around the stamp.

Showgard mounts are made of an 'oriented' polystyrene which is free of softening agents that might be harmful to postage stamp ink, paper, or gum. The material does not shrink or discolor and is 100% waterproof.

Showgard mounts are soluble in carbon tetrachloride or other hydrocarbon watermark detector fluids. Fortunately, environmentally safer fluids have largely replaced these compounds. (Internet Hobby Supply recommends Clarity Watermark Detector Fluid.)

Showgard Mount sizes are stated in metric, with the first number the width and the second the height. For example, the Mount #J 40/25, designed for use with Horizontal U.S. Commemorative Singles, holds a stamp 40mm wide by 25mm tall.

When choosing a mount, always 'round up' to the next size. This will prevent damage to perforations on close fits and make for a more attractive display of your collection.

There is a difference in measuring for mounts and measuring for stamp Catalog descriptions. In measuring for a mount you are measuring the size of the stamp 'perf-to-perf'. Stamp Catalogs denote the size of the stamp design. As an example, for #610, the 1923 Warren G. Harding issue, Scott notes a design measure 19-1/4mm by 22-1/2mm. Allowing for border and perforations the stamp measures 22mm by 25mm, making the E Mount 22/25 a good fit.

Scott mounts are heat-sealed at the top and bottom with a backing that is split so a stamp can be inserted. A mount should be chosen such that the slit runs horizontally. Thus, while a C 50/31 will hold a stamp measuring 31mm by 50mm, the slit would run vertically, making for an opening at the bottom which would allow the stamp to fall free over time. This also means that when a strip is used, or a mount is to be trimmed for a better fit, the height measurement is most important as only the width will be modified.

Simple as 1-2-3
Showgard mounts are pre-gummed on the entire back. Moisten the top-half lightly. The bottom half remains free for easy removal of the stamp. With the mount placed on the album page you are ready to install the stamp.
Turn stamp over in director of arrow Place stamp into the free half as far as it will go Allow mount to flap back into place. The stamp is now securely centered but can be removed without damage to stamp or mount.

Economy Tip: Showgard Mount strips go a long way if unused portions are filed for quick and convenient retrieval. Original packages of Showgard mounts are ideal for this purpose when opened in the recommended way. First cut off the top of the package with scissors. Then cut away the left side of the package. This converts the package into a convenient file for partly used strips as well as unused contents of the package.

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