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Stamp Mounts & Hinges

The use of protective mounts has changed the nature of stamp collecting in allowing for the true preservation of displayed stamps in an archival environment free of agents that might be harmful to postage stamps, while permitting free passage of air around the stamp. We carry both Showgard and Scott/Prinz Mounts in dozens of sizes.

Catalogs and Books for Stamp Collectors

Read a good book lately? bookstore discounts catalogs and references for collectors, and stamp books that are just a joy to read. Add a new element the enjoyment of collecting with knowledge about the treasures in your collection. Discover the interesting history and the small details that may reveal hidden value in stamp varieties.

United States Stamp Albums for every budget

Your choice of a United States Stamp Album is a decision that will influence the direction of your stamp collecting for years to come. At we offer a full selection of Albums, including the economical Minuteman from Scott and the Liberty Album from H.E. Harris, the very popular Scott National Album, and 'hingeless' albums from Schaubek, Lighthouse, Lindner, and SAFE. See too our albums for Revenues, Possessions and more.

Worldwide Stamp Albums

Are you challenged to collect the world? Chose from the H.E. Harris two-volume Statesman Album that offers a basis for a basic collection of the world, or the Scott International Album which fills 47 Jumbo International Binders. Also consider the blank albums available from Lighthouse and DAVO. Very popular is the Scott International Golden Era Album covering stamps from the first century of stamps; 1840-1940.

Stamp Collecting Tools and Accessories

Coin collecting tools increase your enjoyment of the hobby as you explore your stamps for the interesting varieties that make for a valuable collection. Begin with the basics of tongs, a watermark detection kit, perforation gauge, a magnifier, and a lamp for checking UV Tagging and Phosphorescent paper.

STOCKBOOKS - Archival Quality Stamp Stockbooks

Stockbooks at Incredibly Low Prices! Stockbooks are preferred by many stamp collectors for storage and display of their stamp collections. Offering archival protection of your postage stamps, stockbooks are one of the most efficient, cost effective methods for proper storage of stamps. Choose from our large inventory of stockbooks with either black and clear polyvinyl strips or white pages with clear glassine strips.

Stamp Stock Pages; Vario, Prinz, Showgard, Scott, Hagner

Stockpages can be an essential part of a collection. They can be the backbone of a collection of specialty items, or a safe and orderly way to inventory seconds and excess stock for trading at your stamp club. At we have the traditional Hagner and Prinz pages of clear strips on card stock, Supersafe and Lighthouse pages of polyvinyl with clear pockets on black or clear background and a stockpage for Scott Albums with National or Specialty Borders, and (when available) manila pages.

Mint Sheet Albums

Protect the value of your mint sheet collection while allowing for ease of viewing. Below you will find mint sheet albums from Lighthouse, Lindner, White Ace and SAFE, plus the economical system from Scott/Showgard. Your storage options include albums for easy viewing of your mint sheet collection, economical glassine files for long-term storage, and protective sleeves for maximum protection.

Glassine Envelopes for Collectors

Store your duplicate stamps in glassine semi-transparent envelopes, used by the U.S. Post Office for stamps purchased at the P.O. counters. Many collectors use our sturdy red boxes to store their glassines. We offer seven sizes of Black Boxes that are ideal for storage of stamps in glassines.

Protective Sleeves for Postal History, Postcards and Banknotes

Cover Protectors offer archival storage of First Day Covers and postal history. Commensurate with the value of the cover being protected, we offer inexpensive lightweight 3mil sleeves, or heavier 5mil and 10mil protectors for the safe, archival protection of your collection..

Dealer Stock & Stamp Auction Approval Cards

Stamp Stock and Approval Cards are used by the professional philatelist as well as the collector getting organized or selling and trading duplicates at their neighborhood stamp club. has stamp dealer supplies from SAFE, Lindner, Lighthouse, G&K and many other suppliers. Whether you are preserving your collection or selling on eBay and stop shows, has an economical solution for your needs.

Getting Started in Stamp Collecting

Welcome to the hobby of Presidents and you and I! You have an album and you have your first stamps, but now what? You will need the tools of the hobby, including tongs (tweezers) stamp identification tools including watermark detection, perforation gauges, a good magnifier, a UV lamp for detecting tagging. Get started here.

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