United States Stamps - Classic to Modern * Mint and Used

Enjoy a browse of our extensive United States Stamps Galleria. In addition to the regular and commemorative issues of the USPS you will find back-of-the-book categories such as airmail and special delivery, revenues and duck stamps, possessions including Hawaii, booklet panes and plate blocks and plate number coils, postal cards and postal stationery and USPS Year Sets. Enjoy your exploration of our world of United States Stamps and be sure not to miss the 'Redbox' bargains listing.

U.S. Stamps Classic thru Back of the Book

Our Benjamin Franklin Stamp Gallery covers the issues of United States Stamps from the first commemorative issues of 1894; The Columbian Exposition Issue. Commemorative issues to the present day stamps, and regular issues (definitives) from Scott #300 issued in 1902 with complete coverage of airmails, special delivery, Revenues and Duck Stamps, Officials, Postage Dues, and plenty more.

U.S. Postage Stamp Catalogs

At iHobb.com we offer a broad range of U.S. Stamp Catalogs. The most comprehensive is the Scott U.S. Specialized Stamp Catalog. Also popular is the H.E. Harris Catalog for the United States and British North America (Canada). With a catalog can you can better value your collection and make the destinction between the common variety and what may be a rare and valuable variety of a seemingly common stamp.

UNITED STATES STAMP SETS: Commemorative Stamps, Regular Issues plus Airmail and Back-of-the-Book

U.S. stamp sets offer a convenient and cost saving way to build your collection. In order to accommodate as many of our collector's budgets as feasible, some higher-priced stamps are not included in the sets and may be purchased separately. Each set has a link to a list of the stamps included, and those not included and the album that requires the stamp.

UNITED STATES STAMP SETS - USED: Commemorative Stamps, Regular Issues plus Airmail and Back-of-the-Book

Add a complete set of classic stamps to your collection in used condition and save over the price of the individually priced stamps. iHobb.com offers a good listing of U.S. Stamp Sets, commemoratives and definitive, postally used and in good condition. Heavy cancels, thins and creases have been removed to packets or kiloware and only sound stamps F/VF or better are included in our sets.

Our 'REDBOX' Specials of U.S. Bargain Buys

Enjoy a journey of discovery through our stock of specials. In Scott Number order you will find classics, varieties and bargains that are outside our usual stock, space fillers of issues which may otherwise never be in your collection, and unique items that broaden a collection. All at prices that are lowered until going, going, gone.!

Popular Series Stamp Issues

Annual issuance of stamps to a series have become very popular with collectors. Each year the USPS honors a person of notable achievement in the Black Heritage Series. The Legends of Hollywood series annually honors a person of achievement from the movie industry. And stamp series are not new as we include the Farley Issues and the Washington-Franklins issued in the early 20th Century. View Priority & Express Mail issues here also.

US Stamp Booklets & Booklet Pane

Shop our extensive inventory of Booklets from the early Washingto-Franklin issues to the most current booklets now being issued with regularity by the USPS. Whether you are building a specialty collection of bookets or collecting commemorative and definitive issues of the United States, booklet panes will become an important part of your collection. Topical collectors also need booklets for completing their collections.

U.S. Plate Number Blocks & Plate Number Coils

Over the following pages you will find a very comprehensive offering of United States Plate Number Blocks, beginning with better grade early issues, and a very complete offering of issues from 1940 to current. With such a large listing of Plate Number Blocks, we have separated the listing into 7 segments for ease of viewing. The subcategories of Plate Number Blocks are listed at the left.

U.S. Commemorative Souvenir Sheets

Souvenir Sheets issued for major philatelic events have been a popular item for collectors since the International Philatelic Exhibition Issue of the Battle of White Plains pane of 25. Truth is but for souvenir sheets most of us will never own an Inverted Jenny, the Hawaiian Missionary Stamps of 1851-53 or the Trans-Mississippi Stamps of 1898. Souvenir Sheets also add important modern themes to a stamp collection.

U.S. Mint Sheets and Small Panes

Collecting mint sheets of postage stamps remains one of the stamp collecting hobby's most popular areas. iHobb.com maintains a substantial inventory of mint sheets beginning with the early 3� issues to the most current sheets and mini-panes. At iHobb.com you will also find a good selection of mint sheet albums for the archival protection of your mint sheet collection.

U.S. Postal Stationery - Entires, Cut Squares and Postal History

Collecting U.S. Postal Stationery includes cut squares (the corner cut from the envelope) and entires (the full envelope) of prestamped envelopes that have been made available by the post office beginning in 1853. Our offerings of air mail postal stationery include the Aerogram letter sheets introduced in 1947 and very popular for eliminating weight (and cost) of airmail letters. Our early stock includes many with interesting usages and fancy cancels..

U.S. Postal Cards

Browse our large selection of U.S. Postal Cards, from the earliest issues to the current issues. The earliest issues are available mint, pre-printed and used. Modern issues are in stock both mint and with First Day of Issue Cancellations. iHobb.com also maintains a full inventory of Postal Reply Cards for your collection. Complete your Legends of the West, Civil War and Endangered Species sets with the Postal Cards for these popular issues.

U.S. Possessions: including Hawaii, Panama, Canal Zone

Postage Stamps of the U.S. Possessions, issued by the U.S. Postal Authority, include stamps of the Canal Zone, Cuba, Hawaii, Guam, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Danish West Indies and the Ryukyu Islands. Our inventory is always in flux as new stock arrives. Many of the issues are easy, some more difficult and the Hawaiian Missionery issues close to impossible. Do not overlook the postal stationery and postal cards, especially of Hawaii and Canal Zone.

US Cork and Fancy Cancel Classics

Classic stamps with 'fancy' cancels add sparkle to a collection of used stamps. Prior to the era when cancels were required by postal regulations to be standardized the individuality of postmasters shown through producing classics for your collection. Leafs, stars, crosses, numbers, kicking mules, and concentric rings are just a few of the fancy cancels, or cork cancels, that we are always looking for.

U.S. Computer Vended Postage

Welcome to the computer age! It did not take long for the USPS to begin exploring the use of computers to generate postage. Beginning in 1989 the U.S. Post Office made available through 'self-service user-interactive mailing system machines' (how many bureaucrat did it take to come up with that name?) While not a focus are of iHobb.com take a look at what we may have, including Computer Vended Postal Cards.

U.S.P.S. Commemorative Stamp Sets

Since 1968 the USPS has issued annual sets of the year's stamps. In addition there are many special sets produced for special issues or events of interest to collectors. Over the years the colorful USPS stamp portfolios have evolved from simple, but informative folders, to colorfully printed books with photos and drawings that bring our history and culture of America alive. These quality publications belong in any library of U.S. history and achievement.

United States Imperf Coils and Stamps with Errors

We have accumulated a very select stock of modern U.S. Stamps with errors, all listed in the Scott Catalog. The more frrequent are imporforate coil pairs, a very popular collecting category. Also we find stramps with color ommitted, and stamps from panes which lack perforation. Our stock is constantly changimg as new items are added and prices reduced for items that we have had for a while. Check back often.

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