Prinz Stamp Mounts & Collecting Supplies

For more than 5 decades, Prinz of Germany has produced a range of quality archival stamp collecting products with attention to detail and quality. At we discount price the popular Prinz Mounts (mixing Scott/Prinz and Prinz, as the products are the same and only the packaging is different).

Prinz Cardstock Stocksheets are popular for collectors building a custom collection with pages ranging from single pocket to 8 rows per 8.5 x 11 page, either single-sided or double-sided. discount pricing also applys to Prinz Hinges, and tongs and miscellaneous tools for collectors.

Prinz Stamp Mounts for Stamp Protection and Display

Prinz Stamp Mounts, long a favorite with stamp collectors, are available in a wide variety of sizes to meet your exacting needs. Made from 100% inert polystyrol foil, Prinz Mounts (and ScottMounts) protect your stamps from the harmful effects of dust and moisture, maintaining the value of your collection. Available in both black and clear background to accommodate your preference, we offer a complete listing of mounts from pre-cut for single stamps to strips and blocks up to full sheet size.

Prinz Stock Sheets of Black Laminated Cartridge Board

Prinz System stock sheets are made from black laminated cartridge board which is chemically neutral and therefore acid free. Mylar pockets are made of inert polyester film. Polyester is the safest, clearest film known for safety storing valuable collectibles.

Equally important is the adhesive, 100% synthetic rubber and is completely chemically inert and permanently elastic.

Prinz Pre-Folded Hinges and Misc. Collecting Tools

With 30* years in the philatelic supply business, Prinz has developed an array of products for stamp collectors beyond the popular mounts and stockpages. offers many of these items when the pricing is attractive in comparison to products from the many other manufacturers that supply our stock.

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