Coin Collecting Albums and Supplies

Coin collecting as a hobby or as an investment requires the proper storage and display of your collection. Casual coin collectors adding to a coin collection each day from the change in their pockets, or serious numismatic collectors purchasing graded coins at auction, and those of in-between - We all want to show our collection with pride and know that the coins are being properly stored and protected from the elements of time and environment. offers coin collectors a full line of coin collecting supplies from a broad range of suppliers. All Coin Collecting Supplies at discount prices!
Coin Collecting Supplies

Collecting Coins in Slab Style Coin Holders

Lighthouse QUICKSLAB coin slab capsules, Encapslab storage and display pages, Guardhouse and Lighthouse boxes special for collections in slab style capsules. Budget from elegant fine-wood cases to sturdy economical plastic boxes, we have the slab and slab storage that is right for your collection.

2x2 Coin Holders, SAFLIPS, and Lighthouse Quadrum Coin Holders

2 inch by 2 inch holders seem to be the ideal size for the storage of coins, based on the evidence of popularity. At we offer this popular storage in cardstock 2x2s, both self-sealing and for stapling, as well as Quadrum hard plactic holders, and SafeFlip polyvinyl. Complete your collection with album pages designed to hold 2x2's.

"Direct Fit" Coin Capsules, Trays and Storage Cases

LIGHTHOUSE "direct fit" coin capsules provide a size for every coin. Extra durable, crystal clear and scratch resistant, Lighthouse Coin capsules are our most popular collecting system. Lighthouse Coin Capsules can be stored in smoke-colored drawers with crimson inserts molded to fit the size capsule stored.

Archival Coin Storage Tubes and Tube Storage Boxes

Clear plastic coin tubes with screw-on tops are a simple, convenient and affordable way to organize and protect your coin collection. Choose from round tubes from Whitman and H.E. Harris, or square tubes from Supersafe. Securely organize and store your coin tube collection using heavy duty storage boxes from Guardhouse. Guard House coin tube boxes are color coded by denomination using the American Banking Association standard colors.

Coin Albums for Collectors - Discount Prices

A step up from the more basic folders, coin albums allow for placement into pages where both sides of the coin can be viewed. All products are archival, offering complete confidence that your collection will maintain its beauty and value. Available in all of the popular coins, as well as specialty albums for the specialty collector coins.

Coin Album Pages and Binders for Collectors

Collecting coins in self-made albums using coin pages has always been a popular option. Pages are designed to accommodate coins in 2x2's and SafeFlips, capsules or raw coins, from several better coins page manufacturers.

Coin Folders for Collectors

The economical classic tradition of coin folders has providded generations of coin collectors a simple means of collecting coins of all denominations. Our coin folders are timeless and durable, and offer safe, archival storage for your collection. From Whitman and H.E. Harris and others, folder open flat for all-at-once viewing and includes valuable information about the coins it holds.

Coin Display Boxes

Coin display boxes provide protection from the environment for your collection while increasing the enjoyment from your coin collection as the coins are properly classified and stored in a secure display box. Choose from wooden, aluminum, or hard plastic cases from SAFE, Lighthouse or several other providers. Each feature boxes or trays for the display of your coins, in slabs, capsules, Quadrum 2x2's or SafeFlips..

Coin Collector's Tools & Catalogs

The proper tools increse the satisfaction of coin collecting, while assuring the proper handling and valuation of your collection. for example, Lighthouse digital scale 0.01-50 gram. Just the size of a wallet (80x120 mm), these small coin scales fit in every pocket. The attached lid protects the scale against dust and damaging impact.

Coin Cleaning Solutions and Supplies

Removing the tarnish, fingerprints and grim from circulated coins adds to their appearance and enjoyment in a collection. Our Lighthouse Coin Care solutions have been developed for specific metals to clean and restore the luster to your collection Coin cleaning can be undertaken to improve the appearance of a coin. Uncirculated coins and proofs should not be cleaned, except in unusual circumstances.

Lighthouse Coin Storage and Display Systems

Choose a coin storage and coin display system that matches your coin collection. Build your collection from a base of LIGHTHOUSE "direct fit" coin capsules, or Quadrum 2x2 capsules, traditional card stock 2x2s self-sealing, or place your coins direct into Optima M Pages. Add the next level of protection with Coin Boxes, trays or album pages with binders, and complete your collection organizing with a sturdy, locking coin case for boxes or trays.

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