SAFE - Schwabische Albumfabrik of Germany

SAFE collecting albums and supplies offer top-end German Quality solutions for stamp. coin, banknote, postcard, plus pin collectors and many specialized collecting interests. Use with confidence, all material that comes in contact with your collection is archival quality, museum grade, 100% acid free (pH-neutral), free of plasticizers (chemical softening agents), free of stearates and does not contain plasticized PVC.

SAFE Professional Grade Stamp Collecting Tools

Stamp collecting is like so many endeavors where having the right tool for the job pays off! Whether the challenge is proper handling of valuable stamps with tongs, or the identification of valuable stamp varieties by checking perforations, ultra-violet tagging, phosphorescence in the stamp paper, or detecting watermarks, and SAFE have the tools you need.

SAFE Stockpages for Collectors

SAFE offers a full range of stock page options for stamp collectors and those of us who collect postal history and covers. Whether you specialize or have a stamp collection with lots of everything, a SAFE stock page album may be the solution. Ranging from large singe pockets to pages with as many as 9 rows there is a page for about any challenge presented by your collecting interests, all in one album or several.

SAFE United States Stamp Album

SAFE Stamp Albums offer stamp collectors a customizable systems that allows for flexibility in the style and size of binder, a broad selection of pages, and options to created the perfect customized solution to your collection. The illustrated page is made of a heavy cream cardboard (60# cover weight) background page and the foil page is made of 100% free of plasticizers (chemical softening agents) and free of stearates.

Pin Collecting Albums and Display Cases

Disney, Olympic, Jaycee, Hard Rock Pin Collectors organize, display and archieve their collections with albums and display cases from our inventory of pin collecting albums and display cases. All materials that comes in contact with your pin collection are archival safe. Just stick the pin onto the heavy duty 4-hole pin album pages, covered with royal blue velvet. The velvet covered pages and are each covered with a fully transparent interleaving.

SAFE Classic 14-Ring Binders and Matching Slipcases

SAFE 14-ring binders provide the widest range of options with the greatest variety of pages. Some of the advantages: high quality, nickel plated ring mechanism, no tearing of album pages, pages lie completely flat, easy to operate, easy turning of the pages, removing and inserting pages is possible at any place of the album.
size of binders: 12" x 12-1/2" high

Bank Note Collecting Albums from SAFE of Germany

Bank Note Collecting Albums from SAFE (Schwaebische Album Fabrik). Your banknote collection is valuable and must be protected from dust and pollutants. The discriminating collector knows this and looks for appropriate remedies. SAFE collecting systems are the most researched, modern and unique in the world! offers a full line of SAFE currency albums in a broad range of styles, all at discount prices.

SAFE Coin Albums and Album Pages

SAFE Coin Albums in two popular sizes are ideal for building a coin collection around the use of 2x2 coin holders. SAFE Archival Coin Albums in the Collecto and Compact Formats make for easy storage and an attractive display of your collection. With 2x2 coin holders, the holder is specific to the coin being collected, but all coins in the collection fit the same page format allowing for mixing of coins in a collection however you wish to collect them.

SAFE Albums for First Day Covers and Postal History

SAFE FDC Albums in three formats to fit your collection. The Mini-Album for First Day Cover Album (add a slipcase to complete the set) offers a 40 cover capacity. The next step up in capacity is the Compact Album with page options that extend beyond First Day Covers to include ETBs and stamps in single and multi-pocket pages. A step up in quality and finish is the Variant FDC Album with a 14-ring binder and matching slip-cases.

The SAFE Giant Album for Scripophily & Memorabilia

Especially of interest to collectors of: Paper Memorabilia/Ephemera/Posters, Sheet Music/Certificates/Bonds,Historical Records/Documents, Oversided Stamp Steets, etc. Available in a non-padded blue binder or in a luxurious padded, tan binder with leather grained vinyl finish and an elegant decorative embossed outline pattern on the front cover. Equipped with a strong 4-ring mechanism and two heavy-duty sheet lifters.

SAFE Postcard Albums, Cases and Archival Sleeves

SAFE...represents the highest standards for archival safety for your collection! SAFE postcard albums protect and secure your postcard collection from dust and pollutants while offering a pleasing display of your postcards. Discriminating collectors knows this and looks for look to SAFE for top quality collecting solutions. SAFE collecting systems are the most researched, modern and unique in the world! Display your postcard collection with confidence and pride.

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