SAFE Professional Grade Stamp Collecting Tools

Stamp Collectors and Philatelic Professionals rely on quality tools and stamp supplies for the maintenance and valuation of their collections/stock. SAFE is the source for professional grade tools for identifying, authenticating and maintaining better grade collections. Verify the identity of your stamps and detect the hidden faults and repairs that impact the valuation of stamps, using SAFE electronic tools for watermark detection, UV Tagging, paper characteristics and flaws, and the genuine goodness of better stamps.

SAFE Stamp Approval Cards

A convenient and easy way for dealers and collectors to securely store and/or display their stamps. SAFE approval cards hold single stamps, pairs, plate blocks etc. with crystal clear spring action strips welded onto heavy black foil backplate. These cards are 100% free of plasticizers. You see these cards when you view the stock of high-end dealers with their better grade stock. Your stock should receive the same care.

SAFE Rotary Cutter Mount Guilotines

The Perfometer from SAFE is a stamp collecting tool for determining the perforations, and thus the identification, of postage stamps. The SAFE Perfometer Perforation Measurement Gauge for stamps is easy to use with 28 different 30 mm wide perforation templates. Just offer your stamp up for a perfect fit and accurate reading

SAFE Ultraviolet (UV) Lamps for stamp collectors

SAFE UV Lamps are an invaluable tool for the modern stamp collector when used to distinguish the tagging on stamps, which often times mark the identifying characteristics of a scares stamp variety. offers longwave, short wave, portable and desktop models for your particular stamp collecting need. Read our article on Stamp Tagging, it's history and purpose, and how it can enhance your collecting experience and the value of your collection.

Solingen Stamp Tongs (Tweezers)

Solingen has long been the name in quality stamp tongs, preferred by professional philatelists for the careful handling of valuable postage stamp collections. Not only does the use of tongs safeguard stamps from the oils found even on clean hands, it allows for easier picking up and inspection of stamps and the placement of stamps accurately within a collection.
SAFE Drying Press
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SAFE Signoscope T1 Watermark Detector
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SAFE Signoscope T3 Watermark Detector
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The Signoscope T3 is the further development of the SAFE-Signoscope, the first optical-electrical wate... more info

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