Tools and Magnifiers Used by Currency Collectors

Banknote Magnifiers allow collectors to enjoy the intricate details of currency engraving and detect flaws and counterfeits

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One of the most essential tools for collectors is a quality magnifier. They are the primary tool for examining condition and authenticity of collectibles. For general stamp and coin collecting, a magnification level of 5x to 10x is suitable for basic purposes of grading, inspecting watermarks, and distinguishing printing methods. For inspecting security feature microprinting as used often on stamps, you will want 10x or more magnification. A measuring scale included in your magnifier may be desired at times for error and counterfeit and forgery detection.

SAFE Philalux 3 Ultraviolet Lamp (110V) w/Pengteng Converter
Code: SA9865SP
Price: $269.99
Philalux - UV Longwave and Shortwave Lamp with Built-in Magnifiers The universal detection lamp to e... more info
Sherlock Watermark Detector from Lighthouse
Price: $279.95
Sherlock Electronic Watermark Detector from Lighthouse With the SHERLOCK watermark detector, every d... more info
Lighthouse Magnifier, linen tester with LED Illumination - 308008
Code: FZ5LED
Price: $12.99
In the classic linen tester style this collector tool features 5x magnification with LED illuminatio... more info
Lighthouse Magnifier, 10X with LED Illumination
Code: LU150
Price: $19.99
Lighthouse Illuminated Magnifier: New and improved: Illuminated magnifier NOW with 2 extra-bright LEDs... more info
Lighthouse 20X Pull-out magnifier with LED Illumination - 321419
Code: LU30LED
Price: $16.99
Perfect for close inspection before you buy at the bourse Amazing 20X magnification. Black matt plasti... more info
Lighthouse Microscope, Zoom with LED illuminaion, 20x to 40x - 305995
Code: PM3
Price: $29.99
Lighthouse Zoom Microscope with LED illuminaion, 20x to 40x magnification Practical zoom microscope wi... more info
Lighthouse Standing Magnifier with 6x magnification
Code: LU22
Price: $11.99
Standing Magnifier with 6x magnification Lens diameter 33 mm, overall diameter 65 mm, height 60mm, 5,0... more info
Lighthouse Magnifier, 10X  with LED Illumination - 329828
Code: LU24LED
Price: $9.99
Lighthouse Precision LED illuminated magnifier with 10x magnification, folds into a protective case fo... more info
Lighthouse Magnifier, Multi-Function Pocket Model - 339919
Code: LU175LED
Price: $11.99
Perfect for stamp shows and auction viewing. Stainless steel frame with acrylic housing and 2 aspheric... more info
Lighthouse Coin Gloves - Cotton
Price: $4.95
100% Unbleached Cotton Coin Gloves Give your coins extra special care. Use these high quality gloves... more info
Lighthouse Coin Cleaning Bath-Copper - 321584
Price: $13.99
Lighthouse Coin cleaning solution - Copper Use this environmentally safe liquid cleaner for instant ... more info
Friedberg u.s. Paper Money - 7th Edition
Code: Friedberg_USMoney
Price: $19.99
A Guide Book of United States Paper Money th Edition, Paperback by Arthur L. and Ira S. Feiedberg Th... more info

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