Currency Albums and Pages for Banknote Collectors offers currency albums and pages at discount prices from the major suppliers of currency albums and pages for banknote collectors. Lighthouse, Lindner, SAFE, SuperSafe, and Dansco currency albums and pages for banknote collectors. We have the album and pages to fit your collection and your budget. to organize and protect your currency collection. .
Keeping your collection safe in archival currency albums.

Currency Album for PCGS and PMG Graded Banknotes

Graded Currency Collections deserve an album commensurate with the quality of your collection. offers several attractive options for albums to maintain your collection of Graded Currency. Choose from albums by Lighthouse, SAFE or Lindner in the style to fit your collection and your budget. All have capacity to add additional pages for non-graded banknotes, and all pages are archival quality.

Lindner Banknote Album and Currency Pages

Lindner Banknote Album The Lindner Banknote Album is a favorite among banknote collectors! The album is complete with: 18-Ring Padded Binder, slip-case and pages. The crystal clear pages are free of any chemical softeners and allow both sides of the inserted banknotes to be viewed. The black backing pages provide a nice background for the banknotes and visually separate the crystal clear pages.

Currency Collecting Albums from SAFE of Germany

SAFE Banknote Albums from SAFE (Schwaebische Album Fabrik). Your currency collection is valuable and must be protected from dust and pollutants. The discriminating collector knows this and looks for appropriate remedies. SAFE collecting systems are the most researched, modern and unique in the world! The Classic is offered in genuine leather or smooth automobile vinyl, milled in Germany. .

SuperSafe Currency Album Pages

Display your SuperSafe Pocket Pages for currency using 3-ring binder or notebook. SuperSafe pages are archival safe, made of a non-vinyl Protar polyester material, and are available in one, two, three-pocket sizes for large currency, or four-pocket sizes for modern and small currency.

Banknote Albums from Lighthouse

The Optima and Vario Stocksheet system from Lightouse of Germany offers an exceptional banknote storage and display solution with clear archival quality pages. The vario page outside dimensions are 216 x 280 mm (8 1/2 x 11") to fit a standard 3-ring binder. The Optima Pages are a size smaller. Single-sided pages with crystal clear foil allows you to view the banknotes from both sides.

Banknote and Currency Album from Dansco

DANSCO Currency Albums are made to the same exacting standards as the Dansco Coin albums. The Banknote Album from Dansco comes with 9 pages total. There are 8 pages that will hold 3 notes per page (24 small size notes). A ninth page holds larger size notes. Additional pages are available, and you can add the 1-1/8" Dansco Silver-Guard Corrosion-Inhibiting Slipcover for additional protection of your collection. (Sold separate)

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