What will my shipping cost be?

iHobb.com recognizes that a substantial portion of the Internet and Mail Order Purchase Price is the cost of freight. In our pursuit of the best bargains for collectors we endeavor to maintain pricing which reflects low freight costs and avoid unearned 'handling' charges. To receive an accurate quote on the shipping cost for your order you can put the item(s) in your shopping cart and receive a quote for the shipping cost, either with our shipping cost estimator or in the checkout function.

Hobb.com Shipping Rates and Policies

When will my order ship?

Our commitment is three buiness days. We take our commitment to ship all orders within three days very seriously. The pandemic has had a measurable impact on the supply chain for both imported albums, mounts and supplies, and also stamps as stamp shows are now curtailed. But our commitment remains focused on meeting our 3-day goal and our continuing success is a source of pride to the staff at iHobb.com but this is a time in the world thar calls for some patience. To manage the difficult issues presented by the pandemic we work to keep our customers informed when the 3-day goal is not met.

Are you selling a collection?

iHobb.com is a buyer of stamp collections. While we do stock supplies for coin, banknote and post card collectors, we do not buy or sell collectibles other than stamps and postal history.
Please call us about your collections for further information.