Other Collecting Passions

Beyond the mainstay collecting areas of stamps, coins, banknotes and post cards there is a vast list of potential collecting areas that can be pursued. iHobb.com can offer archival solutions to the maintenance of collections, including the popularly collected pins of Disney, Olympics, Jaycees, military and so many more. Baseball cards and sports memorabilia, casino chips (poker chips), topical collection of stock certificates, and champagne tags are just a few of the many

Casino and Poker Chip Collecting Albums and Supplies

Casino and Poker Chip values, like all collectables, are strongly influenced by the condition of the casino chip. The efforts to preserve your collection is thus well rewarded but need not require that your collection be hidden from viewing. Top quality archival casino and poker chip albums, holders and display cases are an affordable way to preserve your collection's value and display your pride and satisfaction in a well built collection.

Champagne Tags Album & Display Cases

Lighthouse Champagne Tags Album: The VARIO solution for preservation and display of identity tags for champagne and wine bottle labels and corks. Look too at our sine label album from SAFE with its high grade German binder manufacture and archival pages for your collecting enjoyment.

Pin Trading Book, Albums, Drawers, and Trays for Collectors and Traders

Pin collection albums and display cases for protection and enjoyment of your collection. All materials that comes in contact with your pin collection are archival quality and are 100% free of plasticizers (chemical softening agents) and free of stearates. Just stick the pin onto the heavy duty 4-hole pin album pages. The blue velvet covered pages and are each covered with a fully transparent interleaving.

Stock Certificate Albums for Scripophilists

Archival safe stock certificate albums by SAFE and Lighthouse. Scripophilists invest passion in the pursuit of their collections. A quality album for storage and display of your collection adds to the sense of pride and enjoyment that accompanies maintenance of stock certificate collections. Scripophily is growing in popularity and iHobb.com has the albums, pages and tools you need to build a stock certificate collection.

Phone Card Albums and Stock Pages

Organizing and displaying your telephone card collection has never been easier or more economical than with the Lighthouse Vario Telephone Card Album. The Lighthouse Vario Stockpage system features a page specific to the requirements of a Telephone Card Album with 8-1/2 x 11" , 8 pockets pages for phone cards,

Glassine Envelopes for Lepidoptera - Butterfly Collecting

Who does not love butterflies? While most people would not think twice about destroying a wasp nest on the side of the house, spraying a swarm of ants in the driveway, or zapping pesky flies at an outdoor barbecue, few would intentionally kill a butterfly. Perhaps because of their beautiful colors and intricate patterns, or the grace of their flight, butterflies tend to give and get a lot more love than other types of insects.

Christmas Seals, Charity Seals and Cinderellas

Christmas Seals, charity seals, and cinderallas offer stamp collectors an interesting enjoyment of the Holiday Season, or a specialty area for collectors who dig a bit deaper. Christmas Seals are now, once again, listed in the Scott Specialized Catalog of U.S. Stamps, but the range of seals available to collectors is the entire world.

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