Casino and Poker Chip Collecting Albums and Supplies

Casino Chip values, like all collectables, are strongly influenced by their condition. The effort to preserve your collection is thus well rewarded but need not require that your collection be hidden from viewing. offers a complete line of casino chip collecting chip albums, archival capsules, and display cases.

The standard size for official casino chips is 39 millimeters in diameter. This corresponds to the CAPS39 plastic capsul from Lighthouse, which is accomodated by the MBCAPS39 Coin Tray and Box. In the 2x2 format the 39mm best corresponds to the KRS39_5 Silver Dollar

Lighthouse Classic Grande Gaming Chip Album
Price: $39.99
The Grande Gaming Chip Album from Lighthosue An attractive solution for storage and display of your co... more info
Classic Binder Color:
Lighthouse Optima Gaming Chip Album
Price: $39.99
A compact size Gaming Chip Album from Lighthouse complete with 10 pages to accommodate 120 Gaming Chip... more info
Binder Color:
Lighthouse 2x2 Coinholders Self-Adhesive - Dollars - 313135
Code: KRS39_5
Price: $4.99
39.5mm Coin Holders - Self-Adhesive for Morgan Silver Dollars Self-adhesive MATRIX coin&#8... more info
Lighthouse Coin Capsules 39mm - 315148
Code: CAPS39
Price: $4.40
39 mm. Coin Capsules Inside Diamater 39mm Outside Diamater 45mm 10 Coin Capsules per Package... more info

Currently On Order... more info

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Saflips 2" X 2" Coin Flips with Chipboard Red Box
Code: TRAN2510IH
Price: $19.99
A coin storage system that includes: Our red 2"x2" storage box, durable and strong with high quality, t... more info
Red Chipboard Box 2x2x9 (for 2x2s, flips, Quadrums sold separate)
Code: TRAN2160
Price: $1.99
Red Chipboard Box for 2" x 2" Coin Holders Durable and strong with high quality, textured exterior c... more info

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