Coin Display Boxes

Velour Coin Trays with 'Jewel" Boxes

Lighthouse of Germany offers an affordable and versitile storage option for your collection. Choose from trays for slabs, 2x2" and Quadrum Square Capsules or 24 and 48 space trays for your coins. The molded inside trays are covered with dark blue velour matching the case

Wooden Presentation Cases

With so many wooden coin display cases available on the market to chose from we have narrowed the field to the top quality SAFE and Lighthouse coin boxes knowing our customers will be pleased with their selection. SAFE coin display cases are hand-crafted, expensive made, solid wood with: High gloss, root wood design in piano varnish optic, Ornate brass colored fittings, snap latch and key lock for security

Lighthouse Coin Display Boxes & Aluminum Cases

Lighthouse Coin Capsule Boxes are the ideal solution for organizing your coin collection in Lighthouse 'Tight Fit' coin capsules. Lighthouse Coin Boxes offer an elegant storage option that is simply the best way to safely collect and display your coins. Lighthouse coin boxes are stackable as a unit or can be stored in lockable coins box cases, also available from Offering a flexible collecting system to satisfy all your needs.

Guardhouse Coin Display Boxes

Guardhouse brand slab display boxes are available in a number of sizes and configurations. You can choose from a variety of styles, including wood, aluminum and leatherette. Presentation boxes are guaranteed to delight the devoted collector and provide a elegant storage and display solution for their certified coin collection.

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