Collecting Coins in Slab Style Coin Holders

Protect and display your high-value coins in clear acrylic snap-tight 'slab' cases that encloses a pliable dark green insert. The insert is made of inert polythelene that is PVC-free, the clear outer container is the same size as PCGS certified coin holders so you can meld your certified coins with your non-certified coins in one collecting format. Choose from over 30 different sizes,

Lighthouse 'Encapslab' Albums for Coins in Slabs

Lighthouse ingenuity has introduced a unique concept for collectors who collect graded coins in slabs, and use slab coin holders to integrate ungraded coins into their collections. The ENCAPALAB album uses a durable and transparent album pages that holds most slab sizes (including PCGS, NGC, ANACS, ICG, EVERSLAB, COINWORLD, etc.) providing complete protection with an easy-snap closing design, compatible with 3-ring Grande Binder or 4-ring Grande=G binders,

Lighthouse EVERSLAB Certified Style Slabs

EVERSLAB coin holders allow for integration of your uncertified coins into a collection of PCGS or NGC certified coins using 'slab' coin holders that are the same size as the slabs used by the certifiers. Rectangular Coin Capsules from Lighthouse are complete with a precise fit black inserts. Both the capsules and the black inserts are chemically inert and free from PVC, acids, or chemical softeners.

Coin Slab Storage Cases and Albums

The better grade collections found in PCGS, NGC, ANACS, ICG, and Lighthouse and Premier Slab Coin Holders warrant the security and preservation offered by better quality storage solutions. At we offer velvet boxes, wood and aluminum storage cases and Intersept Shield Technology. And, as with all product listings, our competitive pricing means big savings for coin collectors.

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