Coin Collector's Tools

Coin Magnifiers

Coin collectors have special requirements for magnifiers. In addition to the need for precision instruments to sight value and detecting flaws and faults, illumination is good in moderation. Depending on your preference, magnifiers are equipped with a magnification of 2x to 40x and greater. Magnifiers are available in pocket size to take to shows and club events, or stand magnifiers for use on your desk.

Digital Coin Scales

Digital coin scales are essential for knowing the exact weight of coins. Coin weight helps authenticate and identify your coins. Coin scales are also handy to determine weight and bullion content of medals and other collectibles. At, we offer digital coin scales that are incredibly accurate and small enough to take with you to coin shows and club meetings.

Coin Tongs

Use coin tongs for handling coins around the rim, avoiding contact with the surface of the coin. The oil from even clean hands can damage a coin over time. Collectors who dip their coins into cleaning solvents or other liquids also find coin tongs a valuable tool. (We do not recommend dipping coins unless you are absolutely certain that you are not harming your coins in the process.)
Lighthouse Coin Gloves
Price: $4.95
100% Unbleached Coin Gloves Give your coins extra special care. Use these high quality gloves when h... more info
Lighthouse Coin Scale.01
Code: DW1
Price: $39.99
Lighthouse digital coin scale 0.01-50 g Just the size of a wallet (80x120 mm), these small coin scal... more info
Lighthouse Digital Sliding Gauge Calipher
Code: SL1
Price: $39.99
Digital Sliding Gauge Calipher from Lighthouse Sliding caliper with 6-digit LCD display; Switchable f... more info
SAFE Coin Tongs Nickel 4-3/4" Rubber Tip
Code: SA1840
Price: $4.99
Solingen Coin Tong with plastic tips 4-3/4" ... more info
SAFE Coin Tongs Gold 4-3/4" Rubber Tip
Code: SA1841
Price: $7.99
Solingen Gold Plated Coin Tong with plastic tips 4-3/4" ... more info
SAFE Coin Tongs Nickel 6" Rubber Tip Wide
Code: SA1842
Price: $19.99
Solingen Nickel Plated 6" Coin Tong holds coins 10 to 33 mm diameter securely on the edge.... more info
SAFE Leather Tong Case 4-3/4" Open End
Code: SA1850
Price: $5.95
Black Leather Tong Case with open end - For tongs up to 4-3/4" long ... more info
Standard Size Stapler
Code: TRAN1800
Price: $27.50
Standard Size Flat Clinch Max Stapler The Flat Clinch technology is convenienct an desy to use. ... more info
Clinch Max Staples
Code: TRAN1801
Price: $2.95
Clinch Max 1/4 Standard Staple, 5000 qty "... more info
Half Strip Stapler
Code: TRAN1808
Price: $13.95
Half Strip Flat Clinch Max Stapler The Flat Clinch technology is convenienct an desy to use. Max... more info
EZ Coin
Price: $49.99
EzCoin USA database has over 5,275 coins listed with over 1,300 images supplied. Over 1,850 coins are ... more info
Coin World Coin Pad
Code: CWCP01
Price: $9.95
Coin World Coin Pad The black padded velvet Coin World Coin Pad provides a 7.75"x14" surface to use... more info

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