2x2 Coin Holders, SAFLIPS, and Lighthouse Quadrum Coin Holders

Look to iHobb.com for your complete source of coin collecting supplies, including many types of 2x2 Coin Holders, Albums, boxes and storage and discplay options for the preservation of your valuable collection.

Cardboard Coin Holder Albums and Boxes

The better grade collections found in PCGS, NGC, ANACS, ICG, and Lighthouse and Premier Slab Coin Holders warrant the security and preservation offered by better quality storage solutions. At iHobb.com we offer velvet boxes, wood and aluminum storage cases and Intersept Shield Technology. And, as with all iHobb.com product listings, our competitive pricing means big savings for coin collectors.

2x2 Cardboard Coin Holders - Staple-Type

2" x 2" White Coin Mounts offer inexpensive protection for a variety of coins. Round holes display both sides of the coin, while the mylar lining protects the coin surfaces. Available in six coin sizes. Sold in packages of 100. 2x2s can be stored in red boxes sized to the holders, or in albums with clear plastic pages with individual pockets.

1.5" X 1.5" Compact Size Coin Holders

This more compact size cardstock coin holder offers the advantage of collectors placing 30 coins per page when building a collection in our Cowens vinyl thumb-cut pages. These 1.5"x1.5" coin holders are best used for smaller coins, such a pennies and dimes, niclels and quarters. This option is too small for placement of Morgan Dollars, which require the full-sized 2"x2" holders.

SAFLIP Mylar Double-Pocket Coin Flips

IHobb.com coin flips are always of archival materials, containing no oils or other additives and will not corrode or cloud your coins. Protect your valuable collection. Flips are available in three sizes, the most popular 2 inches square (when folded), and also available in 1.5 inch and 2.5 inch sizes.
Usually, the collector puts a coin in the pocket of one side of the foldover, and puts a paper insert that identifies the coin, in the other pocket.

Quadrum Square Coin Capsules

QUADRUM INTERCEPT 2x2 Coin Holders - The Snaplocks with Active Protection Against Tarnishing. INTERCEPT TECHNOLOGY neutralizes harmful atmospheric gases inside the coin capsule. Your coin is stored in a non-corrosive micro-climate, protecting coins from tarnishing for up to 15 years. QUADRUM INTERCEPT TECHNOLOGY is non-toxic and will not leave any oil build-up or residue on the coin.

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