Prinz and ScottMounts Stamp Mounts

Prinz Stamp Mounts are available in a wide variety of sizes. Made from 100% inert polystyrol foil, Prinz Stamp Mounts protect your stamps from the harmful effects of dust and moisture. Prinz Mounts are produced in Germany of 100% inert polystyrol foil. Protecting your stamps from the harmful effects of dust and moisture. Center-split across the back for easy insertion. Double layers of gum assure stay-put bonding on the album page.

The following listing represents all the Prinz Mount sizes available, at discounted prices. We offer both Prinz Mounts and ScottMounts by Prinz as some sizes are available only in ScottMount Packaging and some are not available in ScottMounts. Both are the same German manufactured Prinz Mounts, with the packaging being the only difference.

How to Order the Right Size
Pre-Cut Prinz Mounts come in sizes labeled as stamp width by stamp height, measured in millimeters. Strips of mount material come in three different lengths: 215mm, 240mm, and 265mm. The strip you should use is based on the height of the stamp you wish to mount.

Prinz Stamp Mounts - Assortment Packages

Just beginning to use mounts? Prinz Stamp Mount Assortment Packages are a great beginning. giving stamp collectors the broadest range of sizes for mounting their stamp collectin. When the more popular sizes are exhausted replentish with packages of that size and store your mounts in the handy assortment mounts package. A guillotine is recommended for precision cutting strips to fit your stamp.

Prinz Pre-Cut Style Stamp Mounts

A perfectly cut stamp mount every time! Precut stamp mounts from Scott/Prinz are easy to use offer a precise fit for the popular sized stamps. Precut mounts fit the more popular sizes of U.S. Stamps, postal cards and covers and are precision square cut for best display of your stamps. Prinz Mounts, Including ScottMounts from Prinz are made of archival safe 100% inert polystyrol foil. Prinz Stamp Mounts protect your stamps from the harmful effects of dust and moisture.

Prinz Stamp Mounts - Strips 215mm Length

Prinz Stamp Mounts 215mm strips, when cut using a mount guillotine, will accommodate a significant number of the stamps in your collection. Strip Sizes (in mm.) No.20 Thru No.61 meet the requirements for most regular issue and commemorative singles, booklet panes, plate blocks and coil strips. Prinz Mounts, including ScottMounts from Prinz, are center-split across the back for easy insertion of stamps and feature crystal clear mount faces that diffuse light to prevent harsh reflections.

Prinz Stamp Mounts - Strips 240mm Length

Prinz Stamp Mounts 240mm strips will accommodate larger blocks and panes in your collection. Strip Sizes (in mm.) range from 63mm Thru 120mm. Included in the group are popular usages, including Item No. 940 (66mm) for ATM Booklet Panes, Item No. 941 (68mm) for Canadian Plate Blocks, Item No. 943 (80mm) for U.S. Commemorative Blocks, and the popular Item No. 948 (120mm) for many of the U.S. miniature panes

Prinz Stamp Mounts - Strips 265mm Length

Prinz Stamp Mounts 264mm strips accommodate many of the popular new issues of the USPS and other postal authorities as the stamp producing technology improves and greater stamp diversity can be produced in blocks and panes. Strip Sizes (in mm.) range from 25mmx265mm for your long coil strips to Item No. 961 (231 mm) for mounting many of the U.S. Regular and Commemorative panes.

Prinz Stamp Mounts - Modern Panes

The exciting world of modern stamp collecting offers a wide range of new issues in setenant blocks, strips, small panes and souvenir sheets. Because the artists producing the stamps have not concerned themselves with uniformity of size, a broad range of mount sizes are necessary for the modern collection. In response Prinz Stamp Mounts are available in a wide range of sizes labeled in height (mm) followed by length (mm); Height x Length.

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