U.S. Plate Number Blocks & Plate Number Coils

Over the following pages you will find a very comprehensive offering of United States Plate Number Blocks, beginning with better grade early issues, and a very complete offering of issues from 1940 to current.

With such a large listing of Plate Number Blocks, we have separated the listing into 7 segments for ease of viewing. The subcategories of Plate Number Blocks are listed at the left.

U.S. Plate Number Coils PNC5

Plate Number Coil Collecting of United States Stamps is one of the newer collecting areas as the introduction of plate numbers on coil stamps in 1980. The first big set to use plate numbers, and still one of the most popular, is the Transportation coils featuring every mode of transportation imaginable from cars and trucks to dog sleds and iceboats. Our stock at iHobb.com features plate number blocks of 5 as the general rule.

U.S. Plate Number Blocks - #279 thru #1099

The Golden Era of Plate Block Collecting when many of the scarse issues of the time are very costly, but at the time time many are very afordable.A unique item of the time is the Overrun Countries Flags of 1943-44 which do not have plate numbers, but rather the conrner blocks with the name of the country overrun by the Axis Powers during WWII.

U.S. Plate Blocks #1100-1800

Plate Block Collecting was challenged during this period as sheets were issued with multiple plate numbers, requiring the collection of blocks of 8 and 10 and even 20 stamps to obtain all of the plate numbers on a block. Challenging at the time, with inflation the cost of the stamps have moderated to where they are very collectable today.

U.S. Plate Blocks #1801-2999

Plate Block Collecting by 1980 had returned to normal with many fewer issues having multiple plate block numbers. But the rise of the setenant presented a new challenge as a few larger blocks were require, but also of collectors of standard singles and blocks, so why not add the plate numbers to a block.

U.S. Plate Blocks #3000-3999

Plate Block collecting by 1995 took a swing as more and more coils and booklets were issued, which are their own specialty but not in the realm of plate number block collecting. Plate Block Collectors received an additional bonus in that all collectors need full panes of some issues and thus Plate Block Collecting does not require collecting any additional stamps over the 'singles collector'.

U.S. Plate Blocks #4000-to current issues

Our most modern era of Plate block Collecting gave us still more interesting challenges. The regular issues area is still dominated by coils and booklets that are not part of a Plate Number Block Collection, and the commemorative stamp collection is abundant with historical and social interest and topical delights. No wonder plate block collecting remains so popular as indicated by the plate block album supplement sales..

U.S. Plate Blocks - Semi-Postals

Semi-Postal Postage Stamps are new to the U.S. Stamp Program, compared to the countries of Europe. The first U.S. Semi-Postal Stamp was authorized in 1998. Since that time there have been three additional stamps authorized. Add all four to your collection.

U.S. Plate Blocks - Air Post Stamps

Plate Blocks of airmail stamps begin with treasures of stamp collecting. The narrow design of the stamps lend themselves perfectly to a plate number block, usually of 6 stamps. Very appealing to this collectors eye. at iHobb.com we carry a mostly complete inventory of airmail plate number blocks. The Zephs that catalog at over $16,000 require a special request, but we can supply these capstones of any collection.

U.S. Plate Blocks - Back of the Book

The specialist Plate Number Block collector will want the back of the book plate number blocks when they can be found. A few are easy and many are more rare and quite costly as they wer not collected with the fervor of commemorative issues, or even the early definitive issues. Enjoy a look at our ever changing stock.

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