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Canadian stamps with images and Scott Number Identification Our extensive inventory of classic era and provincial stamps to the current issues of CanadaPost. Enjoy a journey through time with our Canada commemorative, regular issues, classics, rare stamps, definitives, pictorials, commemoratives, plate blocks and souvenir sheets. Build your collection with stamp and stamp albums bargains from

Canada Stamp Albums & Supplements

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CANADA: New Listings, Classics and Bargains

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Stamps of the Canada Provinces, including Newfoundland

Prior to the Canadian Confederation in 1867 the individual colonies or Provinces of British North America issued their own postage stamps. The issues of the Canadian Provinces are scares and can be pricy when available. Because Newfoundland did not join the Confederation until 1949 collectors have a 90 year period to collect beginning in 1857 through the issues of 1947.

Postage Stamp Issues of the Canadian Provinces

The 1851 Province of Canada 3-penny Beaver stamp (Scott 1) is a provincial stamp rather than one issued for the Dominion of Canada. However, most collectors consider this to be the first stamp of Canada and the 21 stamps issued by the Province of Canada are listed as #1 through #21.All of the provinces' stamps are classic beauties. Some of the early issues are very expensive, but many when affordable we will list them.

Canadian Queen Victoria Stamp Issues 1851-1902

Following confederation in 1867, the Dominion of Canada began issuing stamps in 1868. Scott begins the issues of the Dominion of Canada with #21 and the issues known as the the Large Queen issue. The reign of Queen Victoria extended through 1902 and the Canadian Stamps of the era are memorable for many of its issues, including the Montreal and Ottawa Printings, the Diamond Jubilee issue, and the Queen Victoria Maple Leaf issue.

Canadian King Edward Stamp Issues 1903-1908

Extending only from the stamps issued in 19036 through the Canada Stamps issued in 1908, the reign of King Edward VII was short A short lived monarchy, the stamps of this era include one traditional portrait set and the Quebec Tercentenary 1908 maintains as stock of these issues as available in the marketplace and offer our stock at discounts to market value, striving for better grade stamps and rejecting seconds and lesser quality stamps..

Canadian King George V Stamp Issues 1911-1935

The era of King George V Canadian stamps began with the issues of 1911-1925 with King George V depicted as Admiral of the Fleet in a widely-admired design that continued in use until 1928. The 1928 issue of what are known as the "Scroll Issue". This pictorial set are among the finest stamps ever produced, highlighted by the treasured 50 value Bluenose stamp portraying the legendary schooner Bluenose.

Canadian Post Stamps #231-628

The stamp issues of Canada from the beginning of the Reign of King George V in 1937 through 1973 cover the age of development of the modern postage stamp. Depictions of history, industry, and technological and social change that were hallmarks of the era are found throughout the stamp issues of the period. The air mail issues, important to the era, are found in the Back of The Book Section of our listing.

Stamps of Canada 1974-1984

The years 1974 through 1984 brought Canada Postage Stamps fully into the modern era with color, artistry and relevance that had continue to make Canada Stamp Collecting so popular today. Setenant sets in blocks and small panes and Souvenir Sheets have added to the pleasure of Canada Stamp Collecting.

Stamps of Canada 1985-1992

Canada stamp issues from 1985 through 1992 brought still jore innovation, including the popular booklet stamps honoring the national passion; ice hockey. The ever popular series of sets featuring artistic achievement and native culture began during this period. As did many other postal authorities during the era, an important Canadian Stamp Issue honors the Canadian contribution to victory in WWII

Stamps of Canada 1993-1999

The closure of the 20th Century from 1993 through 1999 includes several memorable issues of wildlife, crowned by the jumbo sized $1 loon and $5 bull moose issues. That special purpose definitive issues could hightlight a modern era stamp program speaks to the achievement of these issues, as the commemorative issues of the period include many beautifully produced stamps of interest to topical stamp collectors.

Canadian Stamps of the 21st Century

The modern era of Canadian Stamps begins the Millennium Series of 17 small pane Souvenir Sheets depicting all facets of Canadian culture, history and achievement during the Century just ending. Keep your collecting up to day with the new issues as added to the stock and sold at discount to value.

Canada Stamps, Semi-Postals, Airmail, Postage Dues, Tax and Officials

It is surprising that a nation as vast in size as Canada would issue so few airmail stamps. But so it is as Air Post Stamps of Canada were only issued from 1928 until 1943, followed by Air Post Special Delivery Stamps of 1942-1943, 1946 and 1947. Canada Special Delivery Stamps are also few in number issued, with the first issued in 1898 and the 11th and final issued in 1948. Canada Back of the Book issues are available in our listing

Canada Stamps Featuring Canadian Art

The Masterpieces of Canadian Art issues began in 1988 and continued through 2002. Many countries have issues stamps depicting the art produced by their citizens, or art in general for the enjoyment of collectors, and Canada has issued many stamps depicting Canadian Art not included in the Masterpieces of Canadian Art series, the series remains a favorite of Art Topical Collectors and an essential element of any Canada Stamp Collection.

Canadian Postage Stamp Booklets

Our extensive inventory of Canada Booklets and Booklet Panes include early issues and colorful modern topicals. Add an element of completeness to your collection!. Canada has been in the forefront of postage stamp booklet issuance from the first stamp booklets produced during the King Edward VII era and continue today to be relevant to a Canada Stamp Collection, with some essential items including the ice hockey presentation booklet.

Canadian Postal Stationery and Postal Cards

Why stop with stamps when Canada has produced such varied and artistically pleasing postal stationery and postal cards for our collecting enjoyment. The inventory of postal stationery and postal cards of Canada make it easy and affordable to broaden your collection to include these postage items that should be as much a part of a stamp collection as their cousins the postage stamp. Browse the air post letter sheets in our stock,

Collecting Canadian Inscription Blocks

Corner blocks of Canadian Stamps taken for the four corners of a pane of stamps and including the important selvage notes about the printing company responsible for the issue have intrigued collectors since stamp collecting began. The inventory of Canada Stamps allows us to add a substantial listing of Canada Inscription Blocks of both commemorative and regular issue stamps for collectors.

Canada First Day Covers & Postal History

The First Day of Issue Covers from Canada are generally the product of the Canada Post and have become artistically pleasing with graphics for the cachets that always make a Canadian Statement about the importance of each issue. The postal history of Canada includes covers from pre-confederation to modern usages and for such a diverse nation can be quite challenging and interesting.

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