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Canadian stamps with images and Scott Number Identification Our extensive inventory of classic era and provincial stamps to the current issues of CanadaPost. Enjoy a journey through time with our Canada commemorative, regular issues, classics, rare stamps, definitives, pictorials, commemoratives, plate blocks and souvenir sheets. Build your collection with stamp and stamp albums bargains from

Canada Stamp Albums & Supplements

Shopping for a new album or annual supplements? offers the Scott Specialty Album, White Ace Albums and the Lighthouse Hingeless Albums all at discount prices. We maintain the albums in stock for immediate delivery. Start a new album or update an existing album with supplements and additional binders, all of archival quality and bargain priced.

Canadian Post Stamps #231-628

The stamp issues of Canada from the beginning of the Reign of King George V in 1937 through 1973 cover the age of development of the modern postage stamp. Depictions of history, industry, and technological and social change that were hallmarks of the era are found throughout the stamp issues of the period. The air mail issues, important to the era, are found in the Back of The Book Section of our listing.

Stamps of Canada 1974-1984

The years 1974 through 1984 brought Canada Postage Stamps fully into the modern era with color, artistry and relevance that had continue to make Canada Stamp Collecting so popular today. Setenant sets in blocks and small panes and Souvenir Sheets have added to the pleasure of Canada Stamp Collecting.

Stamps of Canada 1985-1992

Canada stamp issues from 1985 through 1992 brought still jore innovation, including the popular booklet stamps honoring the national passion; ice hockey. The ever popular series of sets featuring artistic achievement and native culture began during this period. As did many other postal authorities during the era, an important Canadian Stamp Issue honors the Canadian contribution to victory in WWII

Stamps of Canada 1993-1999

The closure of the 20th Century from 1993 through 1999 includes several memorable issues of wildlife, crowned by the jumbo sized $1 loon and $5 bull moose issues. That special purpose definitive issues could hightlight a modern era stamp program speaks to the achievement of these issues, as the commemorative issues of the period include many beautifully produced stamps of interest to topical stamp collectors.

Canadian Stamps of the 21st Century

The modern era of Canadian Stamps begins the Millennium Series of 17 small pane Souvenir Sheets depicting all facets of Canadian culture, history and achievement during the Century just ending. Keep your collecting up to day with the new issues as added to the stock and sold at discount to value.

Canada Stamps, Semi-Postals, Airmail, Postage Dues, Tax and Officials

It is surprising that a nation as vast in size as Canada would issue so few airmail stamps. But so it is as Air Post Stamps of Canada were only issued from 1928 until 1943, followed by Air Post Special Delivery Stamps of 1942-1943, 1946 and 1947. Canada Special Delivery Stamps are also few in number issued, with the first issued in 1898 and the 11th and final issued in 1948. Canada Back of the Book issues are available in our listing

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