Great Britain Stamps

Great Britain #1 - 126

The postage stamp was first introduced by Great Britain in 1840. The famous 'Penny Black' is an essential for the world collectors as that is where it all began. The Royal Mail continued to issue stamps, 126 in total, featuring Queen Victoria during her reign with the final issuance in 1900. The listing cannot be comprehensive, but over time we offer a good selection of better values in classic Queen Victoria Issues of Great Britain

Great Britain #127 - 291

The years from 1902 through 1951 brought Great Britain through changes in Kings and Queens, world wars and the development of a modern democracy founded on a tradition rooted in the ages. Thus it is that throughout this ear the postage stamps of Great Britain remained primarily depictions of the currently ruling sovereign. Much of the postal issuances during this era are affordable stamps, with the occasional outlier.

Great Britain #292-883

The Royal Mail began 1960 with the usual depictions of the sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II, but soon found expression in the arts, sciences, sports and nature of Great Britain. Because this period also corresponds with the emergence of advances in printing technology, by 1979 the period had produced many stamps favored by stamp collectors. Browse the complete inventory of the period and choose your favorite stamps.

Great Britain #884 - 1886

The final quarter of the 20th Century brought the postage stamp of Great Britain into full glory as a marked style was achieved the clearly stated that these are British Stamps in style as well as substance. The period culminated in the class collection of 12 sets depicting British Achievement During the Past 1000 Years. Also browse our booklet inventory where many of the best issues of the period can be found.

Great Britain #1890 - Current

Great Britian and the Royal Mail jumped into the 21st Century with an adventuresome issue of 12 more subjects for what they called The Millennium Project, looking forward to the new 21st Century. Colorful, adventursom and bold describe the stamps issued by Great Britain during the first years of the new century and collectors have received the offerings with enthusiasm. Enjoy a view of the future as it is here.

Machins Issues

Simple elegance in stamp design; the Machins of Great Britain's Royal Post. Since 1967 the series of stamps known as the Machins, for the stamps designer Arnold Machin, features the sculptted profile of Queen Elizabeth II and a denomination, and with few exceptions in a single color. After four decades of service, a period of tremendous change and innovation in British stamp printing the Machins remain essentiall unchanged.

Great Britain Booklets

Great Britains Royal Post has been an enthuastic issuer of postage stamp booklets beginning very early in the 20th Century and has continued along with the format and sophistication of the stamp product advancing over time. Whether you like the classics or the colorful modern issues, has an extensive inventory for you to enjoy. The machins specialists will not want to miss shopping our listing of these specialty items in booklets.

Guernsey & Alderney

The first independent postage stamps of Guernsey were designed and printed in 1969. Today Guernsey Post produces 12 issues of stamps every year. Over the decades many aspects of island life have been celebrated and significant occasions commemorated through our Guernsey and Alderney stamps. Subjects of past issues of Guernsey and Alderney stamps have included sealife and the natural world, agriculture and horticulture, tourism and aviation.A recent favourite has been the introduction of Guernsey Post's very own heroine in the form of 'Penny the Postie.'

Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is a self-governing British Crown Dependency, located in the Irish Sea between the islands of Great Britain and Ireland. The head of state is Queen Elizabeth II, who holds the title of Lord of Mann. Stamp issuing by the Isle of Man began with the British Regional Issues of 1958-69. The Bailwick Issues opened the gate to full stamp production in 1973 and has resulted in several issues annually that are popular with collectors.

Collecting the Stamps of Jersey; Channel Islands

The first stamps issued by Jersey date from 1941-42 issued under German Occupation (Scott #N1 and N2). A second set is dated 1943-44, again issued under German Occupation. The British Regional Issue were released in 1958-69 and the Bailiwick Issues under British Governance began in 1983 and have continued each year since, producing a nice collectable area known for its diverse subject matter popular with topical collectors.

Postal History & First Day Covers of Great Britain

The postal history potential of the Empire On Which the Sun Never Set is tremendous. Additionally, the modern collector has a broad range of First Day Covers produced by the Royal Mail and beautifully depicting the essence and significance of the modern Great Britain Stamp Issues. If you are a serious cover collector you will enjoy your visit to and if you are more general in your collecting interests you may still find an gem for your collection

Royal Mail Presentation Packets

The Royal Mail of Great Britain has performed a service for stamp collectors by packaging several of their more popular stamps sets, both commemorative and definitive, into simple but attractive Presentation Packets. These are a great way to add stamps to a collection when the collector does not maintain an album for a country, but like a particular stamps set. Other collectors just collect the Presentation Packets.

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