Popular Series Stamp Issues

Century of Progess Exposition 1933 - Philatelic History

The Chicago Century of Progress Exposition of 1933 was an overwhelming success, with 40 million visitors and a wide range of philatelic items that touches nearly every stamp collection today from the novice to the specialists. The 'Baby Zeph" Soctt #C18 was issued along with a set of souvenir sheets and commemorative stamps. Flight Cover collectors and First Day of Issue Cover collectors have a real bonanza of items to enhance their collections.

The Farley Special Printing Series

Issued by Postmaster General Farley as imperforate sheets for the benefit of President Roosevelt's political croonies, the issue was made available to the general collecting public following a congressional outcry and accompanying over site investigations. Stamps were available only at the Philatelic Agency in Washington, D.C. from March 15 through June 15, 1935.

Legends of Hollywood Series

This incredibly popular series of annual issues from the United States Post Office is one of the most successful and longest running undertakings in modern philately. In our selection below there is included one issue which is not a part of the series. Bob Hope (#4406), certainly a Legend of Hollywood, was represented in the format of the series. However, Hope's honoring on a postal issue is as much for his years of dedicated service to USO entertaining the troops as for his film career.

Nature of America Stamp Series

Enjoy the Full breadth of America's ecological diversity by collecting the complete set of 12 stamps panes featuring artistic dioramas of flora, fauna, birds, and scenic beauty. Nature of America ran from 1999-2010 and includes 12 panes of 10 stamps each. The series starts with the Sonoran Desert pane (Scott #3293) and concluding with the Hawaiian Rain Forest pane (Scott #4474).

Chinese New Year Stamps

The USPS began a tradition of issuing stamps in celebration of the Chinese New Year in 1972 with the Year of the Rooster issue. The Chinese New Year is the most important social holiday for the Chinese American community and enjoyed by all Americans. The Chinese New Year is a time for issuing a long-running series of beautiful, artful stamps.

Black Heritage Series

Beginning in 1974 the U.S. Postal Service initiated what is now its longest running series; United States Black Heritage Commemorative Stamp Series. The U.S. Postal Service, as part of its mission statement, endeavoring "to celebrate the people, events, and cultural milestones that are unique to our great nation". Why has the series lasted so long? Simply, it continues to be popular and meet the USPS mission statement

U.S. Christmas Holiday Stamps

Christmas Stamps have become a significant element in the annual U.S. Postage Stamp Program. Recognition of Christmas as a holiday by the Post Office is a factor of the increase in volume processed by the USPS each year as families and friends and businesses send Christmas Greeting Cards and tons of parcels and gifts. The U.S. Stamp Program recognizes both the religious holiday and the secular festivities. We get to choose..

US Priority & Express Stamps

Priority Mail and Express Mail stamps are special purpose stamps for paying the fast delivery services that have become so popular with the U.S. Post Office. Initially Eagles were pictured on the stamps, and then the theme of the stamps centered around the U.S. space program and are loved by Space Topical Collectors. Recently the stamps have depicted bridges and popular landmarks, including the U.S. Capital..

Washington-Franklin Issues

1908 saw the beginning of the long-running Washington-Franklin series of stamps. Although there were just two basic designs, a profile of Washington and one of Franklin, the Post Office was going through a period of experimentation. The result was several variations on the design, perforations, watermarking, three printing methods, and large numbers of values, all adding to several hundred distinct types identified by collectors.

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