Stamp Stock Pages; Vario, Prinz, Showgard, Scott, Hagner

We offer a wide range of stock pages for stamp collectors. The standard size is 8-1/2" x 11" to fit standard 3-ring binders. However, the larger Grande stock sheets and the more compact Optima stock pages as also very popular and binders/slipcase sets to accommodate the pages are available. Choose black sheets with pockets on both sides of the sheet, or clear pages which allow viewing both sides of the collectible (Particularly popular with Postal History and Banknote collections)

Scott Stockpages to fit National & Specialty Albums

Advantage Pages are perfect for storing new issues, minor varieties and collateral material. These archival stockpages provide the protection and durability of crystal acetate pockets and fit directly into your Scott Binders. Advantage Pages match Scott National or Specialty pages (choice of borders) in every respect from paper and size to border.

Prinz Stock Sheets of Black Laminated Cartridge Board

Prinz System stock sheets are made from black laminated cartridge board which is chemically neutral and therefore acid free. Available in 9 sizes, Prinz card backed pages have clear polyester foil strips affixed to the neutral black card pages. Pages can be single or double sided. Pages are punched with 7 holes to fit any 3-Ring or 4-Ring binder. Overall page size: 215 x 280mm.

Supersafe Stamp Stock Pages by Showgard

Supersafe Stamp and Postal History Stockpages from Showgard are Double Sided for maximum capacity and are available in 1-8 rows for all collecting styles. Our all plastic stocksheets are 100% free of acids and harmful additives which might damage your treasured stamps. The high clarity strips will hold your stamps securely in position. Sold in packs of 5.

Hagner Stamp Stock Pages on Black Card Stock

The original and the BEST - Market Leader for over 60 years! British made Hagner stock pages are constructed of a a crystal-clear polyester foil (free of softeners) which is strongly bonded to chemically neutral, tough, thick black card, made of homogeneous sulphite pulp. The different stock page sizes will accommodate singles, pairs or blocks, strips 5, Mini Sheets, maxi sheets, souvenir sheets, covers, and FDC.

Vario Stockpages from Lighthouse of Germany

Vario stockpages from Lighthouse offers a versatile and economical collection system for the discriminating collector who desires flexibility and wants to give their collection that special, personal touch. Available in double-sided black and one-sided clear sheets, the black sheets have crystal clear pockets on both sides of the page. The single-sided clear pages have one pocket and allow viewing of both sides of the item stored.

Vario-Plus Stockpages are heavier and stiffer

Vario-Plus Stockpages feature the same VARIO high standard of quality, Vario-Plus stockpages feature a heavier and stiffer solution for storage and display of your collection, but are fully compatible with the traditional Vario Stockpages. The same size as regular Vario Pages, Outside Dimensions 216 x 280 mm (8 1/2 x 11")available in 8 sizes to fit your collecting requirements.

Lighthouse OPTIMA Stockpages for Stamp Collecting

This versatile and economical collection system has been developed for the discriminating collector who desires flexibilty and wants to give their collection that special, personal touch and creativity. offers the OPTIMA sheets in double-sided black and one-sided clear sheets. The two-sided black sheets have crystal clear pockets. Please refer to the diagram shown below, regarding the various sizes and formats.

Lighthouse GRANDE Stockpages

For your larger size collecting needs, the Lighthouse GRANDE size ultra-transparent affixed strip stockpages provide optimum protection for your collection. Sheets are free of chemical softeners and acid-free. The Grande system accommodates banknotes (including Certified Banknotes in sleeves), coins in slabs, postal history, stamps and other collectibles.
outside dimensions: 240mm x 312mm (9 1/2 x 12 1/4").

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