Precision Cutter/Guillotines and Accessories for Stamp Mounts

At, we offer several solutions for the cutting of stamp mounts to fit your stamps. A clean, straight cut shows your stamps well for years to come. Collectors spend plenty on the stamp and the mount. Give your stamps the precision-cut mounting that your collection deserves, with either the traditional guillotine, or the new technology roller-blade cutters.
Lighthouse Stamp Mount Cutter 180 mm / 7 in
Code: LH319565
Price: $21.99

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SAFE Rotary Cutter Large
Code: SA844
Price: $79.99
SAFE Rotary Cutter Mount Guillotine - Cuts up to 12-5/8" German engineered cutter delivers precise... more info
SAFE Rotary Cutter
Code: SA845
Price: $69.99
SAFE Rotary Cutter Mount Guillotine - Cuts up to 9-7/8" German engineered cutter delivers precise ... more info
Hawid Solvent Pen for Stamp Mounts
Code: SG622
Price: $6.80
HAWID Mount Solvent Pen A tested Hawid product, use this simple and safe method for sealing top-cut ... more info

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