Scott Country Albums: Australia to Vatican City

Scott Publishing offers complete albums for many countries of the world and offers these country albums at discount prices over the constituent parts, when purchased as complete albums. Complete albums contain pages for every stamp issued that has a number assigned by the Scott Catalogs, plus binders and slipcases as necessary for the number of pages in the album.

Page Size: 10x11.5", manila tone 80# card stock. Pages are punched to fit in both the traditional 2-post binder and the 3-ring binders.

Scott Specialty Album for Great Britain and The Channel Islands

The Scott Great Britain Album is the most complete and the highest quality album available for the Great Britain collector using the Scott Catalog Numbering System most common in the United States. The album is essentially in three parts: Pages for the regular issue, commemortives, semi-postal stamps, air post, postage dues and officials. Special pages for the Machin Definitive Series and British Offices Abroad
Scott Australia's Dependencies Album to 2018 with 3 3-Ring Binders
Code: 211SET
Price: $449.99
Scott Specialty Album - Australias Dependencies 1901-2018 with 3 Large Scott 3-ring, metal hinged, b... more info
Scott Bosnia & Herzegovina Album to 2017 with a 3-Ring Binder
Code: 718SET
Price: $179.99
Scott Bosnia & Herzegovina Album beginning with the issues of 1879 to 2017 with a 3-Ring Binder (inclu... more info
Scott Brazil Album to 2020 with 2 3-Ring Binders
Code: 644SET
Price: $323.99
Scott Specialized Album - Brazil complete to 2020 This complete Brazil Specialty Series Album covers 1... more info
Scott British Antarctic Territories Album to 2018 with a 3-Ring Binder
Code: 261SET
Price: $149.99
Scott British Antarctic Territories Album 1973 to 2018 with a small 3-Ring Binder, flysheet and label ... more info
Scott British Honduras and Belize Album to 2016 with a 3-Ring Binder
Code: 261BZSET
Price: $119.99
A combination album set beginning with British Honduras and continuing to modern Belize of the post-Br... more info
Scott British Orient 1882-1993 Pages
Code: 275BOR1
Price: $59.99
Scott Great Britain Offices Abroad Scott Specialty Series Album Pages: British Orient 1882-1993 (115... more info
Scott Canada Specialty Album to 2022 with three 3-Ring Binders
Code: 240SET
Price: $799.95
This complete album package includes pages: Scott Canada 1851-1952 Scott Canada 1953-1978 Scott C... more info
Scott Ceylon-Sri Lanka Album 1857-2018 with two 3-Ring Binders
Code: 622SET
Price: $279.99
Scott Specialized Album - Sri Lanka covering 1857 through 2018 with 2 3-Ring Binders, flysheets and la... more info
Scott Peoples Republic of China Album to 2019 with 3 3-Ring Binders
Code: 520SET
Price: $449.99
Complete Coverage for the issues of China PRC This complete album package includes: SCOTT Peoples Rep... more info
Scott Faroe Islands Album to 2018 with a 3-Ring Binder
Code: 345FAISET
Price: $199.95
Scott Specialty Album - Faroe Islands 1919 to 2018, 100 illustrated pages with Scott Catalog Numbers, ... more info
Scott Finland-Aland Islands Album to 2017 with 2 3-Ring Binders
Code: 345FINSET
Price: $299.99
Scott Finland and Aland Islands Album covering 1856 to 2017 w/Binders The entire album from Scott Publ... more info
Scott Germany Album Set to 2022 with 3 3-Ring Binders
Code: 315SET
Price: $699.95
Scott Specialty Album for GERMANY 1849-2022 (750+ pages) The Complete Germany Specialty Album This ... more info

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