Scott United States National Stamp Albums

Known as the National Series, this is the album series for United States Collectors. There is no second place! The National Album for U.S. Stamps is only the beginning, followed by specialty albums for Plate Blocks, both regular issue and commemoratives, Plate Number Coils, Revenue and Duck Stamps, Postal Stationery and Postal Cards Albums, Booklet Panes, Small Panes Album and special sections for Farley Gutter Pairs, U.S. Possessions and Ryukyu, joint issues and many more. A lifetime of collecting.

Page Size: 10x11.5", manila tone 80# card stock. Pages are punched to fit in both the traditional 2-post binder and the 3-ring binders

Scott National Stamp Album for U.S. Stamps

Scott's National Stamp Album from is the most complete U.S. stamp album available today. The package includes illustrated pages through the most current supplement, 3-ring binders, fly-sheets, labels, and dust covers, plus an assortment of ScottMounts.

Scott U.S. Booklet Panes Album

A stand alone component of the Scott National Series, this quality album continues the format and high standards of the Scott National Album. Space is provided for every booklet pane with a major number as identified in the Scott Catalogue of United States Stamps & Covers. Purchase the album in multi-year parts, or for additional savings purchase the entire album set, complete to include the most recent supplement.

Scott U.S. Plate Number Block Albums

Collect the U.S. Plate Number Blocks beginning with the issues of 1901. Albums are available for both the Commemorative Issues and Regular Issue with Air Mail, in these top quality Scott National Series Albums. Listed here you will find the complete Albums for Commemorative Plate Blocks and Regular Issue Plate Blocks, plus the multi-year component parts dating back to 1901, and annual supplements dating back to 2016

Scott U.S. Possessions and Rykukyu Islands Albums

Scott National Album Pages for for every major variety of postage stamp as listed in the Scott Specialized Catalouge of United States Stamps. Illustrated spaces are provided for all postage, airpost, postage due and special delivery from Canal Zone, Guam, Hawaii and Danish West Indies, as well as those from periods of U.S. administration of Cuba, Philippines and Puerto Rico. (67 pages)

Scott Plate Number Coil Albums - Simplified, Comprehensive & Singles

Beginning in 1981 the USPS began inscribing coil stamps with Plate Numbers, which are now collected in strips of 3 or 5 with the stamp bearing the Plate Number in the center bounded by unnumbered stamps on each side. This Simplified Album contains a spaces for every coil issue where the plate number is part of the design. Spaces provided for strips of 3, however, page layout accommodates strips of 5.

Scott U.S. Postal Stationery Album

This quality Scott Album provides spaces for cut squares of every major postal stationery item in the Scott U.S. Specialized Catalogue and entires of airletter sheets. In some instances, for example the Bicentennial Era Issues of 1975-76 (#U571-75) space is provided for the entires, as the design envelopes the entire front. Blank pages of matching stock and border design are available to add a personal touch to your collection.

Scott U.S. Postal Card Album

Collect United States Postal Cards from 1873-to current issues. Includes spaces for postal cards, air postal cards, paid reply postal cards and official postal cards. Pages are printed with the Scott National Border to match the other albums in the series, but on a white stock which is heavier than the other National Series Albums, in order to support the heavier weight of the postal cards.

Scott U.S. Revenue Stamp Album

The Scott Revenue Album represents the most complete album for collecting of United States Revenue Stamps. There simply is no other album that even comes close to presenting a comprehensive solution to collecting revenues. From Documentary and Stock Transfer Stamps to silk-thread varieties and Narcotic stamp imperforate and rouletted varieties.

Scott U.S. Federal & State Duck Stamp Set

For the serious Duck Stamp collector! This complete album, from 1934 through 2011 covers the Migratory Bird Hunting License Stamps of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, as well as issues by states and Indian reservations. Stamps which include waterfowl along with a variety of other animals are included in this illustrated album. Stamps for hunting birds that exclude waterfowl are not included.

Scott Gutter Pairs and Blocks Albums

Add the Farley Gutter Pairs Pages to your National Album. For the Classic Collector, the Farley Issues have always held an element of interest. With the Scott Gutter Pairs and Blocks Pages for the Farley Issue of 1935, add these pages to your Scott National Album, or enjoy them as a stand alone collection in a small 3-Ring Scott Binder

Scott U.S. Small Panes Album

The new, smaller pane of 20 stamps first appeared in 1987 with the Johns Hopkins pane of 20 (Scott #2194A). In addition to presenting many setenant special issue panes, such as the Legends of Hollywood, Legends of the West, The American Music Series, and the Nature in America Series, the smaller format allows collectors to use a uniform National Album size, replacing the larger mint sheet format of the prior era.

Collecting Computer Vended Postage

A product of the USPS and listed in the Scott Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamps & Covers, computer vended postage stamps are usable from any post office at any time. A variety of services were made available by use of the computer vending machines. The machines could weigh the piece to be mailed, determine the postage rates through the connected computer, and generate a postage stamp, or label, and a receipt. The stamps produced by the vending machines were only valid for domestic postage

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