Postage Stamps of Asian Countries

Long an area of intrigue and interest to many of the worlds' stamp collectors, today the advancing economies of the countries of Asia offer collectors a rich source of classic and modern issues. The definition of Asia and which countries are included is a topic of debate in the world of geography and thus stamp collecting. We have chosen to put the countries of the Middle East in a separate category and also those countries of Australasia (Oceania) beyond Indonesia.

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Stamps of the Peoples Republic of China

The Peoples Republic of China Stamp Market has been one of the most active areas of philately for the past several years. The increased prosperity of the people of China and given rise to a large new group of collectors and they want the stamps of their country. And they should, as they have produced some very attractive stamps over the years of the PRC governance.

Stamps Issues of The Republic of China - Taiwan

The Republic of China, on the island of Taiwan (formerly known as "Formosa") has issued stamps since 1950 after the Communist Forces occupied the Chinese Mainland and formed the PRC. An important element in the Republic of China's continued independence and maintenance of an identify as an independent and prosperous member of the international community has been its stamp production.

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