Watermark Detection Tools and Fluids

Watermark Detection is essential to the identification and VALUATION of a stamp. The presence of a watermark is sometimes the single feature that distinguish a common stamp from a rare one. Made during the manufacture of the paper used to produce the stamp, by intentionally impressing an image into the still wet paper. Where the image is impressed, the paper is thinner and the image can be seen by holding the paper up to a light, or setting it against a dark background and applying watermark fluid to your stamp.
The detection of thins, faults and repairs can also be made with the equipment used to detect watermarks, and again this detection is essential to the proper valuation of a stamp.
Sherlock Watermark Detector from Lighthouse
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SAFE Signoscope T1 Watermark Detector
Code: SA9886
Price: $449.95
Signoscope Optic-Electric Watermark Detector Signoscope T1 - The Proven Professional Unit - is the mo... more info
Clarity Watermark Fluid
Price: $19.99
" Clarity Watermark Fluid Finally, a product designed specifically for the needs of stamp collectors.... more info
SAFE Watermark Detector Tray
Code: SA859
Price: $7.79
SAFE Watermark Fluid Tray Made of heavy, plastic material. Divided tray with serrations on one side,... more info
Stamp Watermark Tray - Ribbed
Code: ACC179
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Watermark Fluid Tray - Ribbed Bottom The watermark fluid tray is jet black so that the watermark wil... more info
Stamp Watermark Tray - Flat
Code: ACC180
Price: $2.99
Watermark Fluid Tray - Flat Bottom The watermark fluid tray is jet black so that the watermark will ... more info
Lighthouse Magnifier, Multi-Function Pocket Model - 339919
Code: LU175LED
Price: $11.99
Perfect for stamp shows and auction viewing. Stainless steel frame with acrylic housing and 2 aspheric... more info

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