Philatelic Stamp Tongs

Your skin exudes a natural oil to keep itself healthy. But that skin oil is not at all healthy for your stamps. Grabbing stamps with your fingers can leave traces of oil on a stamp that will cause discoloration over time. In addition, Using your fingers to pick up stamps from a stock book or desk top can easily cause damage by bending or creasing the stamp paper. Or the stamp could escape your grasp and wind up on the floor.

The solution for stamp collectors are stamp tongs. These are NOT the tweezers found at pharmacies. Tweezers have sharp edges to grasp and pinch slivers or minute hairs, but those sharp edges also can slice through a stamp. Philatelic stamp tongs have polished rounded edges so that the tips won't cut into stamp paper. The craftsmanship required to form true philatelic tongs require experienced hands painstakingly tapering the spring steel tips to a precise meeting.

SAFE Stamp Tongs, Point Tip, 6"
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Price: $14.99
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SAFE Stamp Tongs, Round Tip 6"
Code: SA1856
Price: $14.99

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