Stamp Mounts

Showgard Size Guide

What size mount do you neeed for that new stamp? Use our search feature to look for a stamp mount by entering the Scott # of the U.S. Stamp as many of our stamps are listed with the Recommended Mount Size.

We also provide annual tables beginning in 1940 to list the correct Showgard Mount to use for mounting U.S. Stamps in the formats you collect (single, pair, blocks, strips, etc).

Mount Guillotines

German engineered cutter delivers precise and accurate cuts, perfect accessory for the philatelist, photographer, and hobbyist.

Stamp Mount Pointers

The use of protective mounts has changed the nature of stamp collecting in allowing for the true preservation of displayed stamps in an archival environment free of agents that might be harmful to postage stamps, while permitting free passage of air around the stamp

Showgard Mounts

Discriminating collectors require that their investment is kept safe from damage due to dust, dirt, humidity and the wear and tear of time.

Scott/Prinz Mounts

ScottMounts are available in a wide variety of sizes. Made from 100% inert polystyrol foil, ScottMounts protect your stamps from the harmful effects of dust and moisture.

Lighthouse SF Mounts

Simply the best and safest mount for your stamps


Stockbooks are preferred by many stamp collectors for storage and display of their stamp collections.

Cover Protection

For the protection and safe storage of individual covers and pieces of postal history, the collector chooses from two basic approaches.

Stamp Watermark Detection

Watermark detection is a vital element in stamp identification and valuation.

Hawid Mount Adhesive

Designed by Hawid, the mount manufacturer, for use in re-affixing detached mounts from pre-mounted (hingless) album pages.