Coin Collecting Supplies

Lighthouse Capsules System

Lighthouse Coin Capsules LIGHTHOUSE "direct fit" capsules provide a size for every coin. The capsules are extra durable, crystal clear and scratch resistant.

Lighthouse Coin capsules are our most popular collecting system. Capsules fit smoke-coloured drawers with crimson inserts molded to fit the size capsule stored.

Coin Capsule Boxes

Lighthouse Boxes for storage of Coin Capsules Combined with Lighthouse Coin Capsules, these elegant coin boxes are simply the best way to safely collect and display your coins. Boxes are designed to stack as a unit or store in coins box cases.

Capsule Box Cases

Lighthouse Coin Capsules This high-quality aluminum case is designed to store and transport Capsule Boxes, configured to fit your collection. This versatile case will accommodate 6 Lighthouse 9-slab coin boxes, or 10 of the MBCaps and 2x2 boxes. The case is lined with burgundy velveteen, lockable, and comes with rubberized feet and reinforced corners.

Aluminum Coin Cases

Lighthouse Aluminum Coin Cases Lighthouse of Germany offers an affordable and versitile storage option for your collection. Choose from trays for slabs, 2x2" and Quadrum Square Capsules or 24 and 48 space trays for your coins. The molded inside trays are covered with dark blue velour matching the case

Wooden Presentation Cases for Coins

Wooden Presentation Cases from SAFE and Lighthouse An elegant way to store and enjoy your collection, wooden presentation cases from SAFE and Lighthouse offer velvety soft lining in a sturdy wood case for secure storage of your coins

Certified Coin Album

Lighthouse Presidential Dollars Album
Lighthouse has introduced a new concept in certified coin holder presentation that is secure, affordable and a snap to use. Provides for safe and secure viewing and display of 9 slabs per page, stored in a Grande 3-ring binder with slipcase.

OPTIMA Coin Sheets

Lighthouse OPTIMA Coin Sheets
Ideal for archival storage of your coins, OPTIMA M Coin Sheets feature sliding insert strips made from special film free of chemical softeners. For safe long-term storage, OPTIMA M Pages are available in 7 different sizes with capacities from 6 to 54 coins per page.

Collector Tools

Lighthouse OPTIMA Coin Sheets
Lighthouse digital scale 0.01-50 gram. Just the size of a wallet (80x120 mm), these small coin scales fit in every pocket. The attached lid protects the scale against dust and damaging impact.

Coin Cleaning Supplies

Lighthouse OPTIMA Coin Sheets
Bring out the shine on those old coins! Coin Cleaning Products from Lighthouse and Lindner will help in cleaning and deoxidizing your coins for a better appearance.