Coin Cleaning Solutions and Supplies

When properly used, coin cleaning supplies add enjoyment to the viewing of coin collections. Easy to use, our Lighthouse brand coin cleaning solutions ensure that your collection is preserved and ultimately improved as dirt, oils and grim are removed without effecting the composition of the coin surface. Confidently use Lighthouse Coin Cleaners to resore the luster to coins, clean the surface contaminants from your coin, or trying to decypher a date from your Buffalo Nickel.
Lighthouse Coin Cleaner
Price: $9.99
Lighthouse Coin Cleaning Solution An extra mild coin cleaning liquid suitable for all precious metal... more info
Lindner Coin Cleaner
Code: LN8015
Price: $22.95
LINDNER Coin Cleaner Use Lindner Coin Cleaner first to remove oils, dirt and grime from your coins. ... more info
SAFE Coin Tongs Gold 4-3/4" Rubber Tip
Code: SA1841
Price: $7.99
Solingen Gold Plated Coin Tong with plastic tips 4-3/4" ... more info
Lighthouse Coin Gloves
Price: $4.95
100% Unbleached Coin Gloves Give your coins extra special care. Use these high quality gloves when h... more info

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