H.E. Harris Stamp & Coin Albums

Liberty US Album

The Liberty Album is a very complete United States Album. An illustrated space is provided for virtually every U.S. Regular Issue and Commemorative Stamp issued by the United States Post Office beginning with the first issue in 1847. Moderate price and completeness of coverage makes this an excellent stamp album for the beginning and novice collector.

Statesman Album

The 2-volume Statesman loose-leaf Album is the ideal step-up for the novice collector, with space for 37,000 stamps and includes 32,000 illustrations on double-sided pages. Page Size: 9" x 12" This 2-volume Set includes: Two H.E. Harris Two-Post Binders and 643 Pages for countries Abu Dhabi to Zimbabwe

US Plate Block Album

The H.E. Harris Plate Block album is complete for all U.S. stamp issues beginning in 1901 to the current supplement. Our expanded Liberty Album Package includes 3 traditional blue Lady Liberty 3" binder (2-post) to accommodate the expanded pages and future supplements. Page Size: 9" x 12" This is our most comprehensive and affordable Plate Block Album at 20% of the cost of the Scott and White Ace Albums.

H.E. Harris Supplements

Stay up-to-date with annual supplements for your H.E. Harris Albums. We maintain supplement updates for the Liberty U.S. Album, the Statesman Worldwide Albums and the Harris Plate Block Album. While our stock lasts, we also have supplements for the Harris Canada Album. Page Size of all supplements is 9" x 12".

Blank Pages & Accessories

Expand your H.E. Harris Stamp Album with Bordered Blank Pages matching your album pages, blank within the border, or with a light quadrille design for ease of aligning stamps straight across the page. Make it your own. Be creative and express your individual stamp collecting interest! Matching blank pages are available for United States Liberty Albums and the Statesman Worldwide Album.

H.E. Harris Album Binders

Avoid stamp damage from overfilled albums and keep your collection manageable with additional binders for your growing collection. All H.E. Harris Album pages are punched for 2-post binders and the over sized Liberty and Statesman Album Pages. H.E. Harris Heirloom Binder. A new, expanded binder to accommodate your expanding collection. Elegant leather grain vinyl with gold embossed front cover and 3 1/2" spine.

H.E. Harris Coin Folders

H.E. Harris Coin Folders add a modern graphics design to the traditional standard of a Whitman Coin Album (the popular blue coin folders for generations of coin collectors.) Whitman now publishes the H.E. Harris Products, so you can be assured of high quality standards. Coin Folders are offered for all popular U.S. Coins in general circulation today. Also, see the Boy Scout Merit Badge Coin Folder from H.E. Harris