Lindner Collecting Albums and Supplies

Lindner Stamp Stockbooks

Stockbooks at Incredible Low Prices! Stockbooks are preferred by many stamp collectors for storage and display of their stamp collections. Offering archival protection of your postage stamps, stockbooks are one of the most efficient, cost effective methods for proper storage of stamps. Finest quality German manufactured Lindner Stockbooks priced below wholesale; 60 pages, white or black with double interleaving and padded luxury covers.

Lindner Hingeless U.S. Stamp Album

Lindner Hingeless album pages allow collectors to view both sides of their stamps as the collection is 'mounted' in page-sized archival sleeves attached to the album page on the left. The sleeves can be easily lifted to view the backside of the stamp. Each sleeve is specially designed with pockets to match the particular stamps illustrated on the paper page.

Lindner Stamp Album Supplements

Keep your album up to date and enjoy adding the new issues to your collection. Each year Lindner presents the pages for adding the prior years issues to your album. You may also want to add a few Lindner-T Blank pages to your album to hold the new issues until the supplement comes out each year.

Lindner T-Blank Album Pages for Hingeless Collecting

Ideal for Topical Collectors and Specialists. Anything is possible with the LINDNER T-Blank System. You choose the page to fit your stamps by selecting the pocket sizes. The number of pockets and the height of the stamps will decide the correct page. Our grid pages help you select the page you require simply and quickly. The LINDNER-T Blank System is now available in 80 different formats.

Lindner Mint Sheet Albums

LINDNER Mint Sheet Albums are constructed from sturdy blue cardboard to hold 100 sheets. The 'cardboard' cover is a sturdy, slick-surface material with an elegant feel that should not be confused with regular card stock or cardboard. The crystal clear pockets are separated by glassine interleaving sheets for full protection of your mint sheet collection. Available in three sizes with matching slipcases, this is one of our most popular items.

Lindner Cover Albums for Postal History and FDCs

Lindner offers a full line of cover albums and are one of our top sellers. All pages are archival safe, made from a crystal clear hard-PVC film which is acid and chemical softener free. Display and store your postal history collection in binders that allow you to enjoy viewing them while protecting your investment.

Lindner Postcard Album Binders & Pages

Our Lindner postcard album holds them all - modern and vintage postcards; vertical or horizontal formats. Housed in an attractive 4-ring binder, wine-red with gold embossing on the front cover, complete with matching slipcase. The double-sided black pages are archival quality and 100% free of plasticizers (chemical softening agents) and free of stearates. Approximate capacity: of the album is 40 pages holding 480 postcards

Lindner Currency Album for Banknote Collections

The Lindner banknote album pages are made to the highest archival standards. Pages are crystal clear, free of softeners and acids and are more rigid than other pages, offering the ultimate in banknote protection. Supplied with white card backing pages (also acid free and softener free). Lindner currency pages are suitable for a wide range of Lindner 18 ring binders.

Lindner Jumbo Album for Plate Number Coils

Our Jumbo Lindner Album solves the largest storage and presentation problems! It holds pnc coil strips, blocks, booklets, covers, stamp sheets, documents, certificates, and other paper memorabilia. Luxurious, padded, tan binder with a leather grained vinyl finish and an elegant decorative embossed line. Size: 18 5/8" x 11 7/8" (475 x 315 mm)

Lindner 14-Ring Binders and Matching Slipcases

LINDNER ring binders exemplify quality appearance, and functionality. All ring binders are superbly manufactured and guarantee convenient handling when turning pages. Removing or adding pages is especially easy - simply press the tabs on top and bottom to open the 18-ring mechanism. Page lifters ensure that the pages lie flat at all times.

Lindner Jumbo Album for Document and Large Sheet Storage

This album solves the largest storage and presentation problems! It holds coil strips, blocks booklets, covers, stamp sheets, documents, certificates, and other paper memorabilia. Luxurious, padded, tan simulated leather binder with a leather grained vinyl finish and an elegant decorative embossed line. Equipped with a strong 14-ring mechanism and two heavy duty sheet lifters. Size of binder: 18-7/8" x 12-1/2"H with 2" spine

Lindner Remover & Stamp Care Products

Lindner Stamp Remover....removes stamps without water! Gum and existing numbers on the back of coil stamps will be retained if the product is applied from the back of the paper. Used properly, the stamp remover is absolutely safe. (4 FL. OZ - 125ml)

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