Precision Cutter/Guillotine for Stamp Mounts

We offer several solutions to the cutting of mounts to fit your stamps. A clean, straight cut shows your stamps well for years to come. Collectors spend plenty on the stamp and the mount. Give it the precision cut mounting that your collection deserves, with either the traditional guillotine, or the new technology roller blade cutters.
SAFE Rotary Cutter Large
Code: SA844
Price: $69.99
SAFE Rotary Cutter Mount Guillotine - Cuts up to 12-5/8" German engineered cutter delivers precise... more info
SAFE Rotary Cutter
Code: SA845
Price: $59.99
SAFE Rotary Cutter Mount Guillotine - Cuts up to 9-7/8" German engineered cutter delivers precise ... more info
SAFE Tabber - Precision Cutter
Code: SA850
Price: $35.99
SAFE Tabber - Precision Cutter/Guillotine A smaller size guillotine for mounts of regular and commem... more info
Showgard MasterPack 215mm Strip Set
Price: $6.99
MasterPack Strip Assortment for single stamps, 215 mm long sizes -22, 24, 25, 27, 28, 30, 31, 33, 36... more info
Showgard MasterPack II 264mm Strips Set
Code: SGMPK2
Price: $29.95
Large Strip Assortment, contains one strip each of these accommodation sizes -76, 96, 109, 115, 117, 121... more info

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