Perforation Gauges

Stamp Perforation Gauges: one of the simplest and most important factors in identifying and valuing a stamp is determining its Perf. offers a range of tools from the simple and reliable aluminum perforation gauge, to the Linn's Multi-Gauge which allows for more precise measurement of modern die cuts, to the ultimate electronic solution, the SAFE PERFotronic. Seeminly identical stamps can vary by multiples of 100 determined by the performations and die cuts of the stamp varieties.
SAFE Perfometer
Code: SA9820
Price: $35.99
Scott Linns Perforation gauge
Code: LIN01
Price: $7.99
Slotted Aluminum Perf Gauge
Code: PERF
Price: $2.95
Scott Specialized Multi-Gauge
Code: USSMG02
Price: $14.99