U.S. Stamps - Postage Dues, including Parcel Post Postage Dues

An interesting and very collectible part of any back-of-the-book collection is the Postage Due stamp. First authorized in 1879, the identification of even the early issues is a fairly simple matter emplying only a perforation guage,and for a few stamp, watermark fluid. For the most part they are affordable, with a few exceptions as seems to be the case with every collecting area. Enjoy our selection of mint and Mint Never Hinged Postage Dues with very favorable pricing on the early classic material.
U.S. #JQ5 25c Parcel Post Due Used
Code: USSUJQ05
Price: $5.00
U.S. #JQ5 25c Parcel Post Postage Due - Used... more info

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