U.S. Classics and Special Issues in Discounted Lots

Over time we accumulate a large number of classic issues which due to centering, gum issues or other faults do not qualify for our usual inventory. But they are still very collectible stamps, so we are putting these stamps on Vario Stockpages and offering them at a fraction of the catalog values for collectors seeking space=fillers to complete their early collection
U.S. Classics on Stock Page
Code: A3434*File
Price: $17.82
U.S. Early Classics on stock page Break out your watermark fluid and per gague and enjoy a search for ... more info
U.S. Classics on Stock Page
Code: A3489*File
Price: $10.00
U.S. Classics Assortment on stock page... more info
Prisoner of War Stationery
Code: A6309*Collection
Price: $8.10
Prisoner of War Stationery Stationery for use by Prisoners of War enturned in the U.S.... more info
Christmas Seals Collection
Code: A9479*Collection
Price: $4.05
Christmas Seals Collection From early as WX61 a nice group of seals... more info
U.S. Classics on Stock Page
Code: B2440*Collection
Price: $9.90
U.S. Classics on Stock Page ... more info
U.S. Used Commemoratives 1935-1987
Code: CN2002*File
Price: $50.00
U.S. 1935-1987 on H.E. Harris Pages - Used Ranging from 1935 to 1987, a substatal collection of US. Co... more info
U.S. Collection from early classics to modern
Code: B2898*File
Price: $50.00
U.S. Classics to Modern Collection This collection begins with 19th Century and Early 20th Century Iss... more info
U.S. Pre-1940s Mint Lot
Code: B8360*File
Price: $25.00
Early U.S. Mint Bargain Lot Starts with a Nebraska Overprint of 1929, several issues of the 1920s, Bur... more info
U.S. Back of The Book including Ducks
Code: B8358*File
Price: $18.75
U.S. Back of The Book Lot including Duck Stamps, Special Handling and Parcel Post, Postal Note Stamps ... more info
U.S. BOB Lot
Code: CN415771*File
Price: $7.50
U.S. Back of The Book Lot Airmail, Special Delivery, Postage Dues, Revenues... more info
U.S. #219-27 and #300-08
Code: B8338*Redbox
Price: $40.00
U.S. #219//308 The Issue of 1890-93, Perf. 12, printed by the American BankNote Co PLUS... more info
State Hunting Stamps
Code: B3075*Redbox
Price: $20.00

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