U.S. Stamps Scott Numbers 3831-4485

U.S. #4028a Disney: Romance - strip MNH
Code: USSM4028a*Strip
Price: $4.20
U.S. #4028a Art of Disney: Romance, Horizontal Strip of 4 MNH Scott/Prinz Mount Size: 930 - Prinz215... more info
U.S.  #4028 Art of Disney: Romance, Pane of 20
Code: USSM4028pane*LI
Price: $23.40
U.S. #4028 Art of Disney: Romance - Pane of 20 MNH Scott/Prinz Mount Size: 906 - Prinz31x41 (Pre-cut... more info
U.S. #4029 39c Love: True Blue MNH
Code: USSM4029
Price: $1.35
U.S. #4029 39c Love Issue: Birds Scott/Prinz Mount Size: 920 - Prinz215x22 Showgard Mount Size: SG... more info
U.S. #4030 Katherine Anne Porter MNH
Code: USSM4030
Price: $1.10
U.S. #4030 Kathrine Anne Porter, Literary Arts series MNH Scott/Prinz Mount Size: 1045 - Prinz40x26 ... more info
U.S. #4031 Amber Alert MNH
Code: USSM4031
Price: $1.10
U.S. #4031 Ambert Alert MNH Scott/Prinz Mount Size: 905 - Prinz41x31 (Pre-cut) Showgard Mount Size:... more info
U.S. #4032 39c Purple Heart MNH
Code: USSM4032
Price: $1.10
U.S. #4032 39c Purple Heart reissue MNH Scott/Prinz Mount Size: 1047 - Prinz22x26 (Pre-cut) Showga... more info
U.S. #4072a Wonders of America MNH
Code: USSM4072a*SheetFile
Price: $42.00
U.S. #4072a Wonders of America - Pane of 40 MNH Scott/Prinz Mount Size: 1002 - Prinz183x212 Showgar... more info
U.S. #4073 Samuel De Champlain MNH
Code: USSM4073
Price: $1.15
U.S. #4073 Samuel de Champlain, from pane of 20 MNH Scott/Prinz Mount Size: 927 - Prinz215X33 Showg... more info
U.S.  #4074 Champlain Souvenir Sheet
Code: USSM4074*SS
Price: $10.20
U.S. #4074 Samuel de Champlain Souvenir Sheet - Join Issue with Canada MNH Scott/Prinz Mount Size: 1... more info
U.S.  #4075 Washington 2006 World Philatelic Expo
Code: USSM4075*SS
Price: $21.60
U.S. #4075 Washington 2006 Souvenir Sheet MNH Scott/Prinz Mount Size: 945 - Prinz240x84 Showgard Mo... more info
U.S.  #4076 Diplomats Souvenir Sheet
Code: USSM4076*SS
Price: $7.95
U.S. #4076 Distinguished American Diplomats, Souvenir Sheet MNH Scott/Prinz Mount Size: 945 - Prinz2... more info
U.S. #4077 Judy Garland MNH
Code: USSM4077
Price: $1.60
U.S. #4077 39c Judy Garland Issue MNH Scott/Prinz Mount Size: 1046 - Prinz25x41 (Pre-cut) Showgard ... more info

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