U.S. Possessions: Canal Zone Stamps and Postal History

The stamps of the U.S. Possession of Panama begins with the Overprints of 1904, when stamps of Colombia which had been overprinted with 'PANAMA' were overprinted a second time with 'Canal Zone'. Stamp and Postal Stationery issues of the Canal Zone under U.S. Administration continued through 1978
U.S.S. Chaumont Transits the Canal Zone
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U.S.S. Chaumont - Canal Zone Canal Zone #105 and #106 franking for a 1936 Crosby Cachet Cover of the N... more info
Scott U.S. Possessions Album Pages
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Price: $39.99
U.S. Possessions Album Pages Scott Album Pages for all postage, airpost, postage due and special del... more info

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