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Worldwide Stamp Albums

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Scott International 1840-1940 SET
Product Number: INTLGOLDEN
Price: $699.99
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International Album: 1840-1940
Start with the 'Golden Years' of Stamp Collecting

The Classic Era of Postage Stamps, beginning with the first stamp of Great Britain in 1840 and concluding with the outbreak of World War II and the start of the modern era, is know to many as the 'Golden Age of Philately'. Now you can put this classic era into a four volume album that represents the cornerstone of a serious collection, enough for many or the beginning of a collection that grows to include the modern era.

This complete album package includes:

  • Complete Coverage from Aden to Zululand in 1,139 double-sided pages
  • 4 Scott Two-Post International Binders with Matching Slipcases
  • Blue Protector Fly Sheets
  • Glassine Interleaving (ACC108) is sold separate.

H.E. Harris Statesman Worldwide 2-Vol Set
Product Number: HESTASET
Price: $99.99
Quantity in Basket: none

Statesman Worldwide Collector's Album
The 2-volume Statesman loose-leaf Album is the ideal step-up for the novice collector, with space for 37,000 stamps and includes 32,000 illustrations on double-sided pages. Page Size: 9" x 12"

This 2-volume Set includes

  • Two H.E. Harris Two-Post Binders
  • 643 Pages for countries Abu Dhabi to Zimbabwe

Recommendation: We are often asked for our recommendation on the best Worldwide Album and the H.E. Harris Statesman is. in our opinion, the only practical solution for a published album with illustrations. The Statesman is a small sampling of the stamps that can comprise a worldwide album. To put it in context, Scott Publishing offers an International Album which is complete. Each year the supplement for that album is equal to one of the two volumes in the Statesman Album. Just the initial album, which covers 1840-1940 retails for over $800.00 Adding the supplements will boost the range of the album, and using blank pages will be essential to expanding the collection, but the Statesman does a very good job of providing a foundation for a worldwide collection, providing the limitations are realized and worked around.

Enjoy collecting the world in this manageable album and use the annual supplements along with bordered-blank pages to grow a collection at your pace.


Lighthouse Primus A Album
Product Number: ALBPRIM
Price: $89.99
Quantity in Basket: none

Create your own album
Complete album PRIMUS A
For the individual creation of your Lighthouse album we offer different possibilities. With a multitude of articles you can arrange your album using your own ideas and wishes. With Lighthouse neutral Album sheets (size 270 x 297 mm) in different designs further modes of application can be developed. The album sheets fit in all Lighthouse binders.

The Lighthouse PRIMUS A Album comes complete with

  • a Lighthouse 2-post DP Turnbar binder PERFECT with matching dust cover in either blue, green, red, brown or black
  • 50 extra heavy stock pages with gray background quadrille grid
Design each page to your own artistic inspiration and to your particular collections. great for topical collectors

Davo Standard Blank Album
Product Number: D10036
Price: $69.99
Quantity in Basket: none

LUXE STANDARD Album with 60 blank pages (bordered)

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