U.S. Stamps - Air Mail Issues

The first airmail route in the United States was over the 200 mile distance between New York and Washington, D.C., with a stop in Philadelphia. One round-trip flight was flown each day except Sunday. For the first few months, the airmail service was a joint effort of the War Department, which provided the planes and pilots, and the Post Office Department, which handled the mail.

By September of 1920, airmail service routes existed from New York all the way to San Francisco. To support this new, premiun service, special air post stamps were issued beginning in 1918 and continuing to today. The modern air post issue do not have 'airmail' printed on their face, but do carry a small airplane silhouette and are franked for specific international airmail rates<

U.S. #CE1 16c Great Seal dark blue MNH
Code: USSMCE01
Price: $1.00
U.S. #CE1 16c Great Seal of United States dark blue MNH... more info
U.S. #CE2 16c Great Seal blue & red MNH
Code: USSMCE02
Price: $0.90
U.S. #CE2 16c Great Seal of United States blue & red MNH... more info
Century of Progress Air Races 1933
Code: A7321*Cover
Price: $10.00
Century of Progress Air Races 1933 July 1 1933... more info
Code: USSMC025-31
Price: $19.50
U.S. #C25-31 Twin-Motor Transport Plane Set - complete MNH Issued in 1941, with the 8c added in 1944,... more info

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